Everybody Wants Michelle Obama

Never has a woman, a black woman in her 40s, been so sought after, so followed, so admired, so envied and so despised. That’s a sign she’s doing something right. She’s moving from lawyer/wife/mom to icon. I’m waiting for Mattel to release their limited edition Michelle Obama Barbie, complete with black leggings and a strand of fat white pearls.

There have been some fashionable murmurs about Michelle and the many designers who aren’t her go-to girl Maria Pinto that want their mitts on the Glamazon’s 5’11” frame.

And who can blame them, really?

New York Magazine brought up the reality of Michelle Dress Madness in June.

Details are emerging from The Daily and WWD about the fund-raiser held Tuesday night in Michelle Obama’s honor attended by a giant fashion crowd. Tickets to the cocktail reception at the Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Gallery cost $1,000 to $2,300, and tickets to the dinner following at Calvin Klein‘s house cost $10,000 …

(A)ll the famous designers laid out the cash, including but not limited to Catherine Malandrino, Erin Fetherston, Cynthia Rowley, Thakoon Panichgul, Ralph Rucci, Nicole Miller, Tory Burch, and Zac Posen. They were all “pumped” to meet her — even though the room was uncomfortably warm — and she dazzled with charm and a chic Isabela Toledo gown and Tom Binns necklace she picked out herself.

Rumor had it that the exuberant and extravagant Vogue Magazine Editor-At-Large Andre Leon Talley was hankering to make Michelle his muse, but Talley shot down those accusations at Style.com.

“(L)et me go on record saying that I have never, ever given her any advice on what to wear,” he proclaimed about the event he hosted with Anna Wintour and Shelby Bryan at Klein’s, which raised $1million for the Obama for America organization.

“To put the record straight, I think that Michelle Obama does not need advice.”

He revealed that he had no involvement in choosing the Isabel Toledo gown she wore to Klein’s dinner, nor did he find the $148 Donna Ricco dress, bought at her local White House/Black Market shop, which she wore to co-host “The View,” but he was in full support of both choices.

Elaborating on the topic, which Talley is prone to do, he added that he’s most impressed with the Chicago resident’s chic sophistication, à la Jackie O.

“But it’s not about Jackie Kennedy being a woman of privilege. She has, in many ways, taken some of Jackie’s elements of simplicity, elegant restraint, three strands of bubble-gum pearls, the flip of hair, solid colors, simple lines, and clothes—and it’s working for her. I think she’s incredible.”

Indeed, Talley. She is most incredible, indeed.

5 thoughts on “Everybody Wants Michelle Obama

  1. Sorry but we do NOT want ALT anywhere near Michelle Obama. After what he did to poor Jennifer Hudson he should have his Black pass reevaluated! Haha….

  2. Of course they want her – Michelle is terrific. Two Questions, Snob:1. Where’s the Michelle Obama Ebony Magazine pictures?2. I thought, for sure, that you would be doing a piece on the’ The Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

  3. rikyrah: Goodness woman, I’m not a magician! LOL! I have the Ebony cover now. I should be getting the Ebony pictures shortly. All in time. All in time.As per “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” this is my first time hearing of this. I will have go utilize “The Google” and see what that is all about.

  4. He’s wonderful and right that MO doesn’t need his help. He’s been responsible for alot of Jennifer Hudson’t fashion challenges.

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