Tyra as Michelle? This I Gotta See!

Fashion Drama-Mama Tyra Banks is going all out as “Michelle Obama” for Harper’s Bazaar, sayeth Page Six.

TYRA Banks – the mastermind of gimmicks – is at it again. Banks – who once had her breasts examined on TV to show everybody they were “real” – is now dressing up as Michelle Obama for the September cover of Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s a full makeover,” said one spy. “You know how Tyra likes to do that stuff. And she’ll get a lot of press off it.” A rep for Banks didn’t return calls.

WTF? But I love this because this is sooo Tyra. And I will SOOO be buying this Harper’s just to gawk at whatever crazy concoction Ty-Ty Baby comes up with. As I’ve mentioned before, I love supermodels (with Naomi reigning as number one in my heart). But crazy Tyra rounds up a close second or third. Anyway, I hope, want, NEED this to happen. (Please, Page Six. Don’t lie to me!) This will either be genius or a trainwreck. Can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Tyra as Michelle? This I Gotta See!

  1. Tyra… crazy, crazy Tyra! With all these shenanigans, how does she have time to sleep?I have tried to accept her crazy because I think she’s fabulous. But my brain can’t compute her brand of crazy! LOL! Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. I wonder what made her want to do th… whoa. There I go again trying to figure Tyra out.

  2. Hmmm can’t she wait until after the election? Is she going to darken her complexion? I hope she won’t take it that far. By the way I got a 4 year subscription on Ebay for $13.

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