Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Upscale Update! (5:34 PM)

Higher quality picture via the good folks at Upscale Magazine who heard my pleas.

Sister-of-Snob, Big Sis, was able to snag a copy of the August Upscale Magazine por moi in West County, St. Louis where she homesteads. I informed her to “Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!” so now I have a copy of the picture and article on the site. (Click to enlarge.) This will all be added to the TJ Holmes Flickr page. (For an even larger shot of the article, click here.)

Also, TJ went to UNITY. That’s a big diversity journalism conference that I wish I attended (bummer) and will probably try to attend next year in the future. (Along with the Society of Professional Journalists‘ and the National Association of Black Journalists’ conferences. I need to return to networking with more and more journalists. I already couldn’t make the “Blogging While Brown” shindig. Money’s been tight this year.)

But UNITY posted some video of TJ talking about the biz. All of it sounds sooo familiar. I was originally going to go into television in college, but my writing professors persuaded me to go for an “electronic” journalism degree where I studied both print and broadcast. I still wanted to go into TV, but just my luck, print was the first to offer me a reasonable job … in Midland, TX. Between it and Bakersfield for almost seven years I wandered in the desert of journalism. It was fun, but hard work, and B-town (big ups!) was definitely the better of the two. I’ll always have some love for that Buck Owens worshiping, dusty, Republican red ag/oil town.

Enjoy the video!

Video from UNITY News.

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  1. Yeah, I bumped into TJ at UNITY. For a nickel, you can touch my hand that he shook. Oh, by the way, I wouldn’t suggest going to UNITY next year: It’s held every four years, so if you go in 2009, it’ll probably be pretty poorly attended.RL

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