Upscale Magazine: On CP Time?

As previously reporter on The Black Snob, Upscale Magazine is supposed to have TJ Holmes as their “Maleman” in their August issue.

Well, it’s August, Upscale. WHERE’S MY FIX?

I keep going to the Barnes & Noble, the Target, the Walgreensnothing. Everyone else put out their August editions in July. Like normal magazines. But noooo … all I keep starring at is an old picture of Meagan Good. Mind you, I like Meagan Good, but … YOU OWE ME A NEW PICTURE OF TJ!!!

You haven’t updated your Web site. (Which cruelly still features Good.) Where is the August issue? Where? What is the hold up? Has Upscale gone down scale without notice? If Ebony, Essence, Heart & Soul, Vibe, Uptown, XXL, Savoy, Sister 2 Sister, even Rap Pages and Black Hair Sophisticate can get an issue out on time, what is your deal?

For the love of God. It is Aug. 1. Put out your August issue! I beg of you! I have needs!

10 thoughts on “Upscale Magazine: On CP Time?

  1. Snob, I was thinking the same thing! Lol. My issue is supposed to be “in the mail” today. Hopefully I’ll be in TJ heaven by Monday. I think someone else commented on here that Michelle is the cover? If that’s true (forgot to ask them) I’m going to do cartwheels from the mailbox to the front door!

  2. This is how I felt last month. When I went to the newsstands they had American Vogue, Paris Vogue, Australian Vogue, West Virginia Vogue, every darn Vogue but Italian Vogue!LolGood luck in your quest! 🙂

  3. hollinsJDprincess: Well, it’s been amazingly frustrating to find a copy. Throughout July I was very unsuccessful in snagging a copy (and I know there can’t be that many folks in St. Louis who read Upscale considering old issues with Meagan Good are still lying around).Although I do find it perplexing that Upscale hasn’t updated their Web site. I mean, Michelle Obama is on the cover. Why not put her up on the Web site? What’s the hold up?

  4. You can buy Vogue Italia on ebay. I got a reprieve after the original issues sold out. Two local bookstores in San Francisco got 20 copies each of the 1st reprint. I snagged 4 copies. They still have a few. Also they want to keep these issues for sale through the Nov election.

  5. I wrote for Upscale for a couple of issues, and they do operate in a weird sort of time warp on things. At least, when it comes to paying their freelancers.Still got love for them….Sorry your TJ dependency won’t be filled this month.

  6. I got it!!! And let me tellyou…the maleman does deliver!;-) Most of the interviews I’ve seen haven’t asked anything I would necessarily ask…”what are the essentials to cover a story???” I could tell you that. Though it’s short, Upscale does ask about a typical date et. al.

  7. I finally snagged a copy of the mag on August 1st and was left wanting to know just a bit more. There was some redundancy in the answers and it would have been nice to know more about his off-the-air activities. For instance, since he is only on air 2 weekend mornings a week (normally) how does he spend the remaining hours? How much time does he devote to prepping for the job? Just a thought.

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