The Last Belated Celebrity Batch: Slash’s B-Day

It was July 23 and it was legendary rock guitarist and incognegro Slash’s birthday bash in Las Vegas, baby. With wife on arm and Fergie on vocals, Slash rocked out with a throng of curious guests, including a sighting from a dude I haven’t spotted outside of captivity in years.

This is Slash and Perla Hudson, wife of Slash. All class, those two. Cigarettes and drinks in hand dressed in whatever was lying on the floor. I’m sure they sniffed it first before they put it on. It’s that rock n’ roll lifestyle, baby. We don’t do laundry, we just stop wearing underwear!

Fergie Ferg and who DJayed the bash.

Oh … MY … WORD! Who is that strange, tiny, ripped man? Cuddling up to the hard rock chicks with his shirt wide open is none other than comedian Tommy Freakin’ Davidson. “In Living Color” star. Former addict. I had no clue that he and Slash were aces. Perhaps Davidson and Slash’s ex-bandmate/ex-friend Axl Rose shared the same dope dealer at one time or something. Either way, he was the last person I expected to see shirtless in a sea of the skankiest looking rough riding rock chicks in the history of rough riding rock chicks.

Eh. Tommy’s been a few times around the Mulberry bush as well, so maybe he’s in his element. Work it, skinny boy. works it while Tommy D. poses with Christina Kim (and I don’t trust WireImage on that being her name) and Anthony Lance (and Lord only knows who he is … Snob nation? Any clues who these folks are?)

You know what time it is?

It’s Fergie rocks it in the skin-tight, galvanized rubber black pants time!

I have to admit. Fergie is far more believable as a trashy rock cover band singer than an R&B/Hip Hop seductress. I mean, look at the way she thrashes it around in those scary-ass pants. You don’t learn that shit. That’s natural.

She’s like a less attractive version of Tawny Kitaen straddling the hood of a car in a Whitesnake video. (Don’t ask me how I know these things. I swear. My blackness credentials are in my other leather pants … I say as I sing, “And here I go again on my own! Going down the only road I’ve ever known …!“)

18 thoughts on “The Last Belated Celebrity Batch: Slash’s B-Day

  1. lol @ starriebut yeah, Tommy Davidson, he SOOOOOOO dropped off the face of the planet. Last movie i remember him in was “Bamboozled” of all movies.I thought that movie meant NOTHING to actors–i mean, tommy and damon wayans who turned around and acted a buffoon on “My Wife and Kids”but meh, I guess I’m glad to see he’s not in some gutter in LA

  2. Well you know Saul has a Black mommy so he knows what time it is! He does his best wanna be hillbilly interpretation though, doesn’t he. It’s so raging against the Beverly Hills privileged life ain’t it? I like Fergie as a rock singer better, perhaps she’s prepping for a transition. And wow to Tommy Davidson. I actually paid money to see the wackness BootyCall back in the day. Ugh. I knew that blind support of any film with Black people in it had to cease.

  3. Like a drifter I was born to walk aloooone…but I made up my mind..I ain’t wastin no time, cuz here I go again..My Black Card is here somewhere*digs in purse*

  4. Tommy Davidson looks interesting, not sure if that is good or bad. LOL Then again maybe he can be the next star resurrected by Vh-1 since they seem to do wonders at bringing back long forgotten stars.. as evidenced by the fact that kids like my 16 yo son know who Flava Flav is along with Brett Michaels, both who were popular 20 years ago when I was in HS.

  5. texasladybird: Here. Let me help you look for it! I found mine stuck on the other side of a Foreigner record.Not that that was MY Foreigner record. Oh no. It belongs to my sister. I swear. I don’t know how it got in here.

  6. “a sea of the skankiest looking rough riding rock chicks in the history of rough riding rock chicks…”My reply:This is pure poetry!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!Hmm. My black card, it is hidden among the Styx, Foreigner and Fleetwood Mac cds….Oh Lawd, they done gon’ take it away!Give me back my pass, darn it!!!!!!

  7. Tommy Davidson was an addict? Word?And Slash, he’s cool peeps with Teddy Riley too. Played guitar on a Blackstreet “Fix” remix video years back.

  8. wow with the half-nakedness that is Tommy Davidson. I think I’m disturbed. Looks like they had a great bash at The Bank (yeah I’m a bit of a Vegas addict — so I get the Light Group emails with advance (well advance for the little people) notice of all the parties. . .). And my black card is somewhere in my car I think — since I’m humming “Welcome to the Jungle”. . . .

  9. Good God! The first image, I thought was a ‘wax’ figure of Slash. “Welcome to the Jungle” was most definitely a nice song. Guess where I heard it first? Soundtrack to Lean on Me. LOL Remember the hallway scene where the chillens were running amuck and Morgan Freeman had to walk through all of that? Looked like Oz during riot-hour with toilet-tissue a-flailing. LOLAnd…please don’t put me in the corner, but I really like Booty Call. LOL. I thought Jamie Foxx was effortlessly funny, which is to say he pretty much played himself. LOL.

  10. mynameismyname: Tommy’s drug issues came about when he was on “In Living Color.” He had to leave the show for a while to deal with his addictions.madame z: I too first heard “Welcome to the Jungle” in “Lean On Me.” I can’t watch that movie without bawling during the “Free Mr. Clark” sequence.

  11. I LOVED Guns n Roses back in the day. That was my group. Guess my Black Card has been “misplaced” as well. Seriously though, Fergie does make a better rock chick. Maybe it’s the “Meth Face” that seals the deal.Damn, look at Tommy. Haven’t seen him in ages! Still ahs skinny and ripped as evah!Oh, Happy Birthday Slash..

  12. Haha. It took me a minute to get it, but now I see why you said that Christina Kim’s image doesn’t match here. She is a golfer and definitely looks different than the girl in this pic! 😉

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