A Fight Agaisnt Taser Abuse and Other News


Day of Blogging For Justice: The AfroSpear has declared Wednesday a day to spread awareness of the abuse of tasers by law enforcement. These acts sometimes ending in death for the people they encounter. This is a huge problem very few in the press are talking about, other than showing the occasional cop cruiser video of “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” taser abuse exploitation.

The reality is these devices, intended to make things safer for police and suspects, are being misused to the point that people are being seriously harmed or tortured for little to no reason. With the false mental concept that tasering doesn’t cause lasting damage, it has become the weapon of choice in situations that don’t warrant its use, sometimes amounting to a death sentence for the unfortunate individuals being tased.

It’s a sad truth, but because it is the poor, the black and the brown who often are the target of this thuggery, little attention has been brought to the cases of a suicidal man tasered on a bridge, causing him to fall to his death or a pregnant black woman being tasered in Ohio or the case of a black man dead when he went to the police for help and was tasered. But the larger reality is if the police feel comfortable with abusing society’s “undesirables” and ethnic minorities with them, they’re not going to think twice about using them on anyone else. But we don’t want to wait for them to taser Lindsay Lohan to death to get people to care.

The blog Tasered While Black has even more disturbing stories of tasers being used as a torture device when in the wrong hands.

For those who have blogs or Web sites and want to spread awareness, you can obtain this anti-taser abuse widget here and place it on your site.

It’s sad to know that something meant to save lives is now being abused to end them. With everyone from teenage girls to college students to pregnant women being targets and suspects being tased to death or torture via tasers in prison, it’s necessary to spread awareness that this device’s use needs to be monitors as closely as the use of a gun or any other form of excessive force.


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  • Today is Big Sis’ birthday. The eldest Snob Sister has turned 35. We shall commemorate this day with banana cake and stories of how she terrorized me as a child by telling my my braids were really worms growing out of my head and abandoning me in the scary basement under guises that she’s “be right back” after going to the restroom.

    I love you, Big Sis!

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  1. Remind your big sister that you’ll be around to “take care of her” when she gets to be an old lady.

  2. Your big sister sounds exactly like my big sister. lol…we should do group therapy.

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