Tom Kaine Isn’t Exactly Setting the World on Fire

There’s some murr-murring in the press right now over a Virginian who is not Sens. Jim Webb or Mark Warner.


Tim who, you say? Well, Tom Kaine is the not-quite-popular governor of Virginia who is in the running for Barack Obama’s number two. (William Riker not available?) He’s on a really long list of potentials. Some say he’s a favorite but those in the media are non-too-thrilled. Of course, it would make the press’ day if he’d just pick Hillary Clinton and give them something really good to crow about, but Kaine? Where’s the razzle dazzle?

New York Magazine’s Daily Intel blog does a round-up of the underwhelming of the chattering class. Oh. And they’re not enthrall over Kansas’ Kathleen Sebelius either. I can hear them now shouting “BORING!” as they pine for a far more risky and CRAZIER pick.

Marc Ambinder says Kaine, as well as another veep short lister, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius, are “governing choices, not campaign choices.” They won’t generate much enthusiasm and won’t shine in debates, but they’re “solid,” “centrist-in-style,” “Washington outsiders,” and “know how to balance budgets and deal with Republicans.” [Atlantic]

He could still shock us all and pick Will Smith. I got both me fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Tom Kaine Isn’t Exactly Setting the World on Fire

  1. Will Smith. LOL. I love all the Veep speculation. People’s minds are in a whirl trying to figure all the Obama angles.Does he really mean what he says about the “character” of the veep he chooses? Is it all just a smoke screen for Hillary?Conspiracies are fun and exhausting @ the same time.

  2. He’s keeping the people in mind that can help, minus the drama, it seems. I hope it works out for him.I’m not sure about Hilary–even she’s in debt! It’s a recession, y’all! LOL

  3. I’m pulling for Sherrod Brown. Sherrod Brown!Otherwise, Will Smith.Hillary would be the Hell to the NO! candidate.

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