A Belated Celebrity Round-Up

You’re invited to a garden party! (Or I should say, you’re invited to look at pictures of a garden party.) It’s the Art for Life benefit in East Hampton, NY July 19th. A gala filled with celebrities, most matching in lavender (or purple) and white. The lady in red and director Brett Ratner apparently didn’t get the memo, but they let them get drunk there anyway.

All the important black people showed up, including the new governor of New York, David Paterson and music mogul Russell Simmons. And where Simmons goes, so goeth his latest hot model girlfriend.

This year’s flavor is Porchla Coleman.

Mmmm … modelicious. Sure, none of these hot models from ex-wife Kimora Lee to Denise Vasi to Porchla would be even seen next to the troll-like Simmons if he weren’t worth untold millions and filled to the brim with hip hop magic powers, but both parties probably recognize that and choose to engage in the fantasy that he’s so cute and funny and she’s so interesting.

And the “littlest” Simmons were there, sans their model, gaudy bauble hawker mommy.

Adorable. They make my biological clock tick so thunderously. And they are the best part of Kimora’s reality show, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, insanely cute and funny kids.

The Gov and Dr. Ben Chavis.

(Left-to-right) Lola Ogunnaike, Soledad O’Brien, a mystery woman (WireImage didn’t provide a name … lazy WireImage) and Danny Simmons

Grant Hill, looking big eared and petrified in this pic, with his diminutive, adorable wife Tamia.

Run, Aretha! It’s Tracey Edmonds! Wait. You’re not a famous man with money. Never mind. Side note: Tracey actually looks very pretty in these pictures (the dress is so light and the layers look like flower petals. She looks perfect for the event) and while I make fun of her because I’m pro-Babyface and anti-Tracey, I am glad she dodged that bullet with Eddie Murphy. No woman deserves that.

(Left-to-Right) Tracey Edmonds, Tracy Mourning, Erica Reid, Gayle King and Soledad O’Brien. Soledad seems like she should have dressed up more, but I’ve never been too impressed with her fashion choices outside of CNN. She’s just much prettier than … that. As for Gayle King … sigh. I just can’t bring myself to care unless Oprah is there. Did Oprah show up at Art for Life? No? Bye, Gayle.

Who’s scarier? Aretha Franklin or the mother of the “Shiny Suit Man,” Janice Combs? This is a toughie, but considering Aretha gave me “Do Right Woman” and all Janice gave me was Sean “Diddy” Combs — Janice, you ARE the scariest looking woman in this picture.

Aww … mother and dolphin teeth son … and for some reason, Russell.

Soo pretty. I even like the understatement of the flats.

Gayle? That dress is not on hit. It’s something a bride would force on her closest friends at her wedding to make sure all the bridesmaids look far more ridiculous than her. The flower blossoming out of your bosom is not doing much for me.

And finally, the Gov and Ed Lover. Everyone wants a little pinch of that Paterson magic and Ed Lover feels the love.

21 thoughts on “A Belated Celebrity Round-Up

  1. Like the pics! I guess we have officially moved on from the white party and now the new color is Lavendar.I can’t wait for them to get to Neon Green. I think I have a old pair of Cross Colors in a box somewhere.

  2. I know it’s not right, but who was getting so busy with the Gov. of NYC? I just would not want that one eye winking at me all the time. LOL!Russell Simmons is creepy. It that girl black and I wonder if all those black women were telling Soledad that her CNN special was wack.

  3. Hi Snob,I heard that Porchla and Angela Simmons’ uncle broke-up but still hang out.On Tracey Edmunds; I hate her. She’s responsible for College Hill on BET. She also produced along with Bob Johnson, Who’s Your Caddy starring none other than Sherri Shepard.I wonder if Soledad hangs out with this many Black people normally or if it has to do with her recent ‘Negro’ special on CNN? I’ve never seen her at other events with lots of Black people.And didn’t Ben Chavis change his name to some sort of Nation of Islam moniker Like Ben X or something?

  4. monie: Despite some of the lameness of CNN’s “Black In America” series, Soledad has participated in and hung out with black people many times in the past. She’s a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and has attended NAACP events in the past. She just doesn’t get publicity because she’s not a celebrity. She’s a journalist.And there were a-plenty white people at this particular event, I just only picked out the pictures of the celebrities I liked and recognized.

  5. Aretha looks much better; but she just makes me shake my damn head. Those breasts are a sight for sore eyes. Why doesn’t she strap and pull those bad boys up? I know she’s a diva and generally when you’re a diva you are surrounded by people who tell you what you want to hear. But Dang! She’s making herself an easy target for black comedy.

  6. Snob,Thanks for the info about Soledad.And on another note; celeb kids seem to grow so fast ( Russell and Kimora’s kids) when you don’t have cable anymore. Lol I really only remember them from the Cribs show that featured their home, they were so small then.

  7. Tracey is lovely in that dress. Damn, did I say that? Tamia looks good and myabe the lighting was bad for Grant.Ming and Aoki are just too cute for words, Janice and Diddy are NOT. No one cares about Gayle, Soledad could spruce it up a bit.Gov. Paterson is lookin’ pretty suave and I HATE Ed Lover’s shades.Russell is a fake-wannbe-Buddhist.

  8. sdg1844: Soledad suffers from some sort of chronically looking as plain as possible disorder. Back in March she <A HREF="http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.asp?navtyp=gls====310270“ REL=”nofollow”>attended a film event where Spike Lee was honored wearing <A HREF="http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg257/blacksnob/soledadobrien.jpg?t=1217359940“ REL=”nofollow”>this.I think her body and hair have an aversion for being pretty or sexy or interesting. Damn journalists! Learn how to dress up!And prof. tracey: I forgot to mention how wrong and how hilarious you are about the Gov’s winking eye. LOL!

  9. Queen Aretha always looks like she just got finished with a hot flash. She should carry a hankie around with her. But she’s actually looking well, considering her age…Those little Simmons girls are just precious.I have never liked Puffy’s mommy’s taste (or the lack thereof).And you’re right. Soledad needs “people.”

  10. Soledad’s Black in America sucked! I wondered how many of those black celebrities she was taking pictures with or where at the party thought it sucked too and which ones actually told her to her face. Okay out of mean mode but mostly everyone did look good. Also this Akoi and Ming are so cute and they are so big. I remember when they were little babies. Also I’m anti-Tracey pro-Babyface too.

  11. As Beyaki says “You must not know ’bout me” honey. The queen come to town e’ry thing shuttin down! Fake Janice was reppin in the Hamptons girl…on break from guarding Michelle Obama while Barack was over in Germany and all…My Marc by Marc Jacobs sundress was ALL THAT, trust.Oh and, love your blog.Smooches! FJC

  12. i honestly forgot to watch the “black in america” series…i hear i didn’t miss much…is the “white party” officially over and we’ve now moved on to shades of purple…which happens to be my favorite color….

  13. Aretha Aretha Aretha. She has no excuse to not be wearing a bra or a bra that fits. I want Ming’s dress! And Soledad is on my hit list thanks to that CNN crap fest from last week. Not everyone that looks like us is our friend, ok? I like Porchia’s boob job. She didn’t overdo it. It’s not just money that gets really attractive women to hook up with older, less attractive men. Some women have lower self-esteem and lower standards. Men who think they’re the ish have higher standards. Cuz Pookie in the hood can have steady companionship too…yuck…but true.

  14. Seriously, it should be “RUN TRACY”, because Aretha never met a piece of meat she wouldn’t like to see deep fried.Maybe she thought Tracey would have a gamey taste – which is what tabasco is for!

  15. The white woman in the white dress in the top picture is one of Bravo’s Desperate Housewives of NYC. Don’t remember her name, but I do recognize her face and remember that she’s a countess.

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