When Love For Obama Goes Too Far

16 thoughts on “When Love For Obama Goes Too Far

  1. Lawwwwwd…I think it’s hot. If it weren’t for my profession I’d get it in my hair!!If I was just a random high schooler/college student I’d do it. I think I’ma be pushing the limit wearing earrings, and then when I get this fauxhawk, what I like to call the Bro-hawk or (A)Fro-hawk.

  2. @hank nastyactually they can. if they get a buzz cut they’d be able to get designs and what not.now what they cannot nor will not be able to do is rock the 360s in the head. they hair just aint nappy enough, lol.

  3. I’d rather see a young brother have Barack sculpted into his ‘do than “Thug Life” or some other negativity.

  4. @uppity negrolol, that’s what I thought, you need naps for the 3-D panoramic design.Most of the white guys I see on a daily basis are bald, which is what prompted that strange question.

  5. It would be cool if Barbershops marketed “The Obama Cut” that looks the same as Obama’s cut now. That would be fly. I heard that Ice-T got a cut like Obamas.

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