It’s Called “Hyperbole”

I rarely pay attention to FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly. Mostly because I think he’s irrelevant and not a real journalist … and I think he knows he’s not a real journalist on a fake news network and it kills him inside, hence the thin skin and nuttiness.

If anyone saw Bill-O’s interview with Mike Wallace on “60 Minutes” last year it became pathetically obvious that Bill started out in journalism with the wide-eyed hope of being the next Mike Wallace or Walter Cronkite or any of the greats. He wanted to be a SERIOUS journalist, kind of like Halle Berry’s life-long ambition to be a SERIOUS actor.

While he’s found a way to be filthy stinking rich and popular, he’s not happy. Nothing about the man is happy. Because he looks at the rest of the “uppity” news establishment — the “60 Minutes,” the evening news broadcasts, the Brian Williamses and Katie Courics and seethes. These are the people who rejected him. Who said he wasn’t good enough and as much as he claims to hate them (particularly NBC, but that’s more about his hip hop style beef with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann), he wishes to be one of them. If CBS called Bill-O tomorrow and said we want to make you nightly anchor and a “60 Minutes” correspondent after we get rid of Katie when the election is over he would dump FOX in a minute.

You see folks? Bill-O is just a little bitter snot nosed brat who just wants to be loved. He fawned all over Mike Wallace, his hero. He claimed his “ambushes” of those who oppose him were inspired by the “Mike Wallace, 60 Minutes!” ambushes of legend where Mike busted crooked businessmen. One is about fighting for the little guy, the other is about pure spite and pettiness, but in spirit — same. (But not really.)

Because of this I’m not surprised by anything Bill-O says and since the “free market” has decided he’s a “star,” I accept his right to exist. But there is one thing I am TIRING of — the hyperbole.

Even if he actually mutters something halfway agreeable he botches it with the hyperbole. A lot of these pundit/hosts do this from time to time. Like Keith Olbermann can go overboard with the “sensitive” man routine. Like when he apologizes to Bill-O victims on behalf of Bill-O. Cringeworthy. But O’Reilly (and possibly Lou Dobbs) have it the worst.

Case in point, Bill’s tendency to label any group that dares to disagree with him as a “hate group.” In particular, he labels, DailyKos and Media Matters “hate groups.” Now if he’s referring to the fact that these groups hate him, yeah, maybe he has a point. But this O’Reilly, so he has to reach down and whip out the hyperbole.

Open foot. Insert mouth. Bill O’Reilly has just said “MoveOn is the new Klan.”

As a black person I can’t tell you enough how offensive this is. For one, the real Ku Klu Klan murdered and terrorized black people across America for decades. They were entrenched in Southern state government, law enforcement and justice. They hanged black men, women and children. They burned crosses on the front lawns of everyone from black people to European immigrants they considered “non-white.” The intimidated people and held my people under a virtual police state in some parts of the country. They were/are the most unAmerican group in America. They were murdering, raping terrorists.

Last time I checked, the worst thing MoveOn did was rhyme “Petraeus” with “Betray us.” Did anyone die in that? Was anyone mutilated and hung, then afterwards, the whole upstanding folk of MoveOn stood around beaming for a photograph around the hanging, defiled and burned corpse? Did they do that? Because that’s what the Klan does.

This is an asinine argument. Much like when Bill, Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck equate lefties and the media establishment that rejected him to Goebbels and the Fuhrer.

Nazi massacre in Kerch, 1942. The death toll in the Soviet Union during World War II was immense. (Wikipedia)

Seriously. Stop insulting Hitler by comparing him to CodePink. Hitler instituted the “final solution” which brutalized, mutilated, scarred and murdered millions of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and disabled people. Basically, anyone not fit to be part of the “Master Race.” He wiped out entire families of Jews, killing 6 million overall. Never mind the fact that he started a megalomanical war with the world that resulted in 23,100,000 dead in the then Soviet Union, 13 percent of the country’s total population. Three million dead in Poland, 16 percent of that country’s population. Overall an estimated 72,763,500 people, military and civilian, died due to World War II.

If you want to compare Hitler to people, compare other megalomanical dictators. Compare him to his heir apparent Joseph Stalin, Mobutu Sese Seko, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Chile’s Augusto Pinochet or drug lord, tyrant and once seventh richest man in the world Columbia’s Pablo Escobar.

People who actually destroyed millions of lives, terrorized people, imprisoned them without just cause or due process, murdered enemies — real and perceived, destroyed their countries’ economies, robbed and raped their people and murdered folks on a regular, horrific basis. With the exception of Stalin and Pol Pot, most of these dictators are rank amateurs by comparison, but they deserve to be compared to the Nazi Party leader, not some lefty group who’s modus operandi are anti-war, anti-Bush/Cheney internet and TV ads and petitions.

Ooooo! Internet ads and petitions! I’m terrified. These people aren’t exactly snatching up blonde
conservative fembots and trying to “politically” cleanse them. They haven’t issued a fatwa against the Republican Party. They have not burned and pillaged the offices of KBR and Halliburton. They aren’t holding Rush Limbaugh hostage, videotaping themselves beheading him.


I get that you hate MoveOn, Bill, because they pester you so with their emails and phone calls and press releases and internet ads, but fucking man up. You asked for this level of hype and criticism when you opened your mouth and started screaming your “no spin” manifesto while twirling away like a majorette. Other journalists get criticism (see “Couric, Katie”), but don’t use their air time to air grudges.

I realize that Bill O’Reilly despises “gangsta” rappers, but he sure behaves like one. Like the 50 Cent of the airwaves he spits his battle rhymes against Liberals and peaceniks, grabbing his dick like it was the only one ever made, braying that he is the biggest and the baddest mofo ever and that anyone who steps to him is a hater. Throw in a few N-words (or, since he’s Irish American, a few white ethnic slurs), and he’s Lil’ Bill-O speaking his “truth” about how it’s hard out there for a multi-millionaire talk show host.

I hate to break it to you, O’Reilly. But petty beefs are really below your pay grade and you could stand to dial back the “outrage.”

It’s called hyperbole. Consider losing it and not your temper.

PS. I will never tire of this video. Never. Greatest. Thing. Ever. Especially the dance remix.

20 thoughts on “It’s Called “Hyperbole”

  1. Your command of thought is outstanding. I am a neutral observer of Bill O’Reilly. I think the points you made were good, and worthy of contemplation.Thanks for giving me something to think about.George MP.S. When O’Reilly says something I dislike, I think of Jessica’s Law. Yes, he sometimes says things that make me, well, “cranky (lol)”, but I’m very sensitive to the points you made.CONSIDER ME A FAN OF YOUR SITE.

  2. george: What’s weird is I actually have sympathy for Bill-O. I know he wouldn’t like my pity, but journalism is a tough profession and despite his hard work he could not make it out of the mushy middle so he created this ego-fueled side show that’s basically a cry for love and professional acceptance. I know what that feels like (sort of) because I’m a journalist and I’ve regularly busted my head against the glass ceiling, watching my peers be boosted to ever higher levels while I fought and toiled for everything.To be honest, if Bill had more control of his temper and was less chippy he probably could have made it as a senior reporter for a major news network, but his attitude really turns people off. Plus, a lot of major fancy-pants journalists are elites and as Bill often repeats he came from a middle class background with no connections and was regularly snubbed by those elites. So he is singing the vitrolistic, bitter swan song of the middlebrow reporter who probably should have never advanced higher than weekend anchor at top 20 market local newscast.He should be proud. But I think he feels like a fraud when he’s alone. And cries in the dark, then hugs his money until he feels better.But that’s just my psychobabble based on who he chooses to rant against and his own pinning for Mike Wallace.I’m glad you like the site!

  3. He has no sense of scope. AT ALL.You know who you could compare to the Christian Brotherhood of the KKK? Al Queda. That is an apt comparison (though probably an incorrect spelling). Sheesh.Anyway, great post, Snob, you hit the nail on the head without getting too pissed to continue (like I usually do when thinking about Bill O).

  4. Well Katie Couric has been doing her own privileged version of how it’s hard out there for a white woman that makes $15M per year. I have no sympathy for that man. He’s a hack and does a lot of damage. He is bitter though and not a happy person. Too bad. He can pull himself up by his bootstraps and do the very necessary internal work and fix things. He should have been fired once he engaged in sexual harassment of another Fox employee. clearly his priority is being famous, not being criticized and making money. He’ll die not having done anything to make this world a kinder place. So he deserves all the suffering he gets – it’s self-inflicted pity. And you are so wrong for bagging on Halle! You know how Hollywood is. Angela Bassett and a host of other Black actresses should all be getting $15M + a picture and doing important work that we could look back on in 10-15 years and still be impressed by but alas it’s comic books and rehashed crap and size zero plastic princesses.

  5. heartsandflowers: See? Through all Bill ranting and foaming at the mouth all I hear is “Daddy, why won’t you LOVE ME!?!?!?!?!”I mean, he could have been, like, the 6 p.m. local news anchor in Tallahassee (which is about how far he should have gotten), but somehow he took that insanity and turned into insanity-ade and has a craptacular and successful show. Bill-O seems to be this super sensitive, miserable person who takes his self-hate out on the world by sexually harassing women and screaming explitives. He just looks sad to me.As for Couric, she just got herself in a crappy situation, in over her head. She became a nightly news anchor, which is a near dead profession where the average viewer is in their 60s. Couric’s biggest selling byproduct is perkiness and old people don’t like that with their news. She was just the wrong person for the job. She’s miserable. CBS wants its money back. The viewers liked ancient Bob Schieffer better. Katie couldn’t win this. So many other women would have made better anchors (Diane Sawyer, Ann Curry to name two), but Katie was “popular” and Boy George put it best in the opening of “Do You Really Want to Hurt me” — Popularity breeds contempt.

  6. heartsandflowers: And per Halle. I don’t put her and Angela on the same planet, let alone acting category. I’ve just never been impressed. But she’s very pretty and she tries very hard. But I will apologize to Berry for putting her name near Bill-O’s. She didn’t deserve that. She’s just a little average as an actress. Bill-O’s an asshole. There’s a difference and I should acknowledge that.

  7. Damn that was one bad ass first class rant. If that were a speech you would have earned a standing ovation from me! Bang on

  8. Hi,Is it safe to gauge that you’re regularly watching him? I ask because I don’t wish to add to Bill O’s ratings. I admit that it’s good to know how the other side thinks. It’s just that….how can you STAND watching him so much??? I mean, he’s like Ann Coulter–someone who is so nuts that even the Republican media poo-poos her.

  9. Moody: Three things:1) Only watch his show occasionally. I normally can’t watch the whole thing and I rely on other people who faithfully watch him (like Media Matters and the like) because I wouldn’t want to add to any sort of ratings in any significant manner.2) Bill is bad, but no one is worse than Ann Coulter. Bill’s just full of hubris and I can sit through a whole hour of “Sean Hannity’s America,” but I rarely last longer than two seconds with Ann. Mostly because she sounds insane and is hateful just to be hateful.3) “WE’LL DO IT LIVE!” is the best thing ever. I love it. Especially the dance remix to it. It’s Bill-O at his most pure state — enraged asshole. I couldn’t stop laughing. It still makes me giggle.

  10. Oh Snob I wanted to add something. Berry is a better producer than actress imo. I forgot she was one of the producers of Lackawanna Blues and that was an excellent story that needed to move from book to film.

  11. black snob…this was brilliant!Bill did graduate from Harvard but like you said felt he didn’t fit in with the elites there. I’m overseas now but I used to watching his show sometimes because it was an entertaining train wreck. I feel it’s important to know what the other side of the aisle is talking about. That said, I cannot stand Sean Hannity, Michele Malkin or Ann Coulter. Do you think they really believe the words that come out of their months? I would read some of their comments and think “this must be some kind of performance art.”re: Halle. I agree. She’s pretty but a celebrity not an actress.

  12. nyc/caribbean ragazza: Bill’s a smart guy, but the chip on his shoulder is huge. The fact that he’s still so bitter and petty from that rejection he felt from the “establishment” shows the lack of maturity on his part. You’d think his success in spite of his lack of talent would be enough. I mean, he won. He has a show of his own. But I think he feels he hasn’t won. He hates that he’s not taken seriously. Like when Obama snubbed him. He was like a wounded, kicked puppy over it. I based a character in a screenplay on him where after being all “macho” and ranting and railing on air he just goes to his dressing room and cries because he hates his life and himself.That screenplay is a romantic/comedy BTW about a presidential campaign. A love triangle between a married man running for president still pursuing his ex-wife who is a Democratic strategist who goes on the fake Bill-O’s show all the time and fake Bill-O falls in love with her and tries to become a decent person to impress her. But both guys are assholes, so they manage to screw everything up.I really need to finish that thing.I don’t believe Ann Coulter. I think she’s really some form of comedian/social experiment/performance art. That really feels like an act for attention and celebrity. I actually don’t believe she’s that insane, but she knows that insane sells books. It’s like she’s a theater student and this is a character she’s developed. I half expect her to say, “AND SCENE!” at the end of every diatribe.But she’s pretty contradictory as a conservative who wants to be considered “sexy.” She’s waaay too skinny and the truth is, while men enjoy listening to her and Laura Ingraham rant, most of these same conservative men would never be with them because of their outre nature. They’d want someone nice and submissive, and I don’t know what Ingraham’s love life is like, but the last date Coulter had was with “The Prince of Darkness,” Bob Novak.*Trembles*Ew. Conservative pundit Kellyanne (Fitzpatrick) Conway was at least a “traditionalist.” She really pushed, and believed, a lot of the submissive stuff, so she has a husband who tolerates her. She’s not whoring it up for attention like the other two, so even though I think she’s about as bright as poor Dana Perino, I feel more sorry for her than hate.Per Berry, I think I might write a post about her someday next week. I have a theory about her (and it’s a pretty common theme among women raised without fathers). I know that Soledad O’Brien joked about the “tragic mulatto” thing, but Berry has sort of lived and embraced it in spite of her “success.” And when you think of what she had to do to get that success and how much she really has hated herself in the past (I hope she has better self-esteem now), she’s an interesting one. Like Lindsay Lohan or Mariah Carey. God only knows what’s going on in those heads.

  13. Dear Black Snob,Just so you know, the correct statement is “They hanged black men, women and children.” Socks are hung. “Hanged” is the appropriate use of the word when referencing a hanging in the past tense. Just keeping it snobby =)Love your site, an English Major from Hampton Institute.

  14. Thank you “English Major from Hampton.” I’m in dire need of an editor, but alas … the public will have to serve as my editor for now.Thank you for “keeping it snobby!” 😉

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