They Don’t Call It “Leader of the Free World” For Nothing

All right. Who is orchestrating these things? Stephen Spielberg? Cecil DeMille? Starring a cast of thousands. In fact, a cast of two-hundred thousand? TWO-HUNDRED THOUSAND GERMANS? In Berlin, waving American flags, cheering for the-man-who-could-be-president?

Three words: Jimminy Fucking Crickets.

This makes American Obamamania pale in comparison.

I’d love to see what would happen if he showed up in Africa. Like a pit stop in West Africa at the “point of no return” or better yet, in Kenya or South Africa? I know South Africa has nothing to do with our presidential race, but can’t you see that? So many American blacks emphasized with and fought at home for divestment in South Africa during Apartheid because we were living under our own Apartheid from the end of slavery to the 1960s. The symbolism of South Africa, which had its free election resulting in their first African leader, Nelson Mandela. And to have Obama show up? And if Mandela was there? Imagine the head explosions. My cynical head would implode. It’s that deep. I soooo want Barack to go to Africa. I want him to go everywhere there are brown people who’ve been told they’re not good enough or are dysfunctional. I want him to be a giant walking, talking weapon of mass inspiration to black people throughout the diaspora.

But that’s me.

Still, two-hundred thousand folks in Berlin and the best John McCain, his “worthy” opponent, could come up with was a photo-op at a German American restaurant and his usual caterwauling/sour grapes/brier patchin’ because he “goaded” Barack into this award tour and now he’s learned this is what the O-Man planned all along.

It’ll be OK, McCain. It’ll be over soon. The press will stop holding their mouths agape … along with the rest of the world. They’ll report on you again, someday. Think of Lil’ Orphan Annie, Johnny-Be-Good.

Barack will come home tomorrow,
Betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow … he’ll be done

When you’re stuck with a day, that’s gray and the press leaves you lonely!
Just stick out that chin and spin and saaaaay!
Baaaa-rack will be home tomorrow!
So you gotta hang on ’til tomorrow, come what may!
Tommorrow! Tommorrow! You’ll be news again, tomorrow!

Seriously. If Barack loses this thing, I swear … I call shenanigans.

*Pictures from The Associated Press and Reuters

23 thoughts on “They Don’t Call It “Leader of the Free World” For Nothing

  1. I am blown away by those pictures. I had no idea he had juice like that overseas. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of Award Tour for this trip!

  2. I love your line “a giant walking, talking weapon of mass inspiration”. I wasn’t sure if most people understand how big this event was (not just in regards to the 200k Germans who attended). I had to give you a shout on my blog, especially since you just said it better!

  3. These pictures are just breathtaking….Folks, we are witnessing history!Snob, I’m with you. If he doesn’t win, there si going to be big trouble in River City

  4. cranberry from the UK here, after he gave the speech, I stood up and clapped. It was lovely to hear an american politician acknowledging our bonds, understanding that Berlin represented a place of convergence – of cold wars, and a geopolitic that shaped the transatlantic bond.It will be grand to have a politician who understands the notion of a ‘moral compass’ and that he sought to reach out to us and speak to us, as friends and comrades in this new world.If BHO doesn’t become President, I know that a fair bit of us will cry, and sigh over what America could have been under Obama.Please go out and rock the vote and paint the entire US blue!

  5. BrothaMan Supreme has already taken a journey back home to Africa…I have not seen the A&E docu but I have seen footage from it and it is an amazing sight. This whole day…the pics, his speech…it makes me soul swell with joy and hope…I shall just keep on keeping on with the prayers. YES WE CAN…by the grace of God. In my humblest opinion.<A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>Senator Obama Goes to Africa

  6. i’m overwhelmed by these pictures…and i agree, if obama loses this election, it’s shenanigans and i will seriously consider moving out of this country…

  7. He is the man! McCain wishes he could just crawl under a rock because he is the reason he went over there.

  8. i am loving every minute of his(obama) coverage! everytime john mccain shows up on the tv i either laugh or switch the channel.

  9. I see the Obama fever his here too! I can’t believe this is happening! How can this be real? I went into school late to see his speech (don’t worry, I didn’t have classes). I had to see it. The photos make it even more amazing! Look at how moves and joyous everyone is. Barack is as photogenic as ever. Seriously, his campaign staff should be making MAD money after this campaign is over! I’m so happy today just like I was that day he won the most delegates. I feel a sense of peace like everything is going to be okay. I wish they were not showing Black in America so much so that I could hear about the speech some more. I don’t want to sound like Rush Limbagh but seriously, that guy is magical! Snob you said “I want him to go everywhere there are brown people who’ve been told they’re not good enough or are dysfunctional. I want him to be a giant walking, talking weapon of mass inspiration to black people throughout the diaspora.” and all I can say is ditto a thousand times because we SO need Barack Obama!

  10. Wow. Wow. And wow. I wish I could go to Chicago to the Unity Conference! How triumphant for Barack to be back at home at a conference full of Brown people and their allies. McAncient is sooo jealous he’s pulling a Hillary and complaining that Barack is getting all the press. All the press? He wishes. With CBS and WSJ editing his comments to make him look intelligent. With the free pass they’ve been giving him. His campaign should be TOAST. I wish he would actually get some REAL coverage and stop being provided COVER. President Obama. I’m just going to keep chanting it – and First Lady Michelle Obama. Despite my reservations I want this.

  11. These photos are unbelievable. McCain needs to stop complaining. The press has treated him and all his mistakes with kids gloves.I have already moved out of the country so that option is off the table if Barack loses. I agree if he does, something has gone down that is not cool. How can McCain win when his party’s approval ratings are in the toilet, the economy is in free fall, we have a war started by a republican that is a disaster, he’s not a good candidate, he has no message and the base of his party still doesn’t trust him?

  12. I just watched the entire speech on his website on my lunch break and I have only one question:Can we have the election today please?

  13. Look at those pics. I think folks need to step back and take a breath. This is HISTORY.A BLACK MAN went into the middle of BERLIN, and had 200k People come and listen to what he had to say. Come on, now. We are cynical by nature. But, sometimes, just sit back and go WOW on what this man is achieving. And, if you don’t think this has an effect on the next generation, read this diary. It brought tears to my eyes. <A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>Just a second. Obama is speaking.

  14. LUVING THESE MOMENTSnot to get all sappy, but these photos made me feel lucky and spoiled, like we have this really great candidate that everyone loves, but he’s all ours 🙂

  15. ARE YOU FOR REAL?!!! I find it ridiculous and ignorant that black people are “blown away” by a black man speaking to Germany, and who supposedly has “so much to offer” this country, yet NO ONE has said what he will really offer this nation as president. Will black people somehow be free, get off welfare, get out of the hood, get better jobs, white somehow won’t be racists, terrorists won’t attempt to attack America, Iran will no longer be a threat, and we’ll all hold hands and sing Negro Spirituals… all if Obama becomes president. Gimme a break people!! He’s just a politician. Be smart, get the facts and know who you are voting for, if for nothing else but for the generations after you!

  16. Was just sitting here soaking up all the love, then this^Maybe it’s the moon, but I had to respond to Anonymous here:Try to understand something–Pride/happiness is not stupidity/gullibility. And very little in life is all or nothing. Just because someone does not heal all your problems or all problems period in one day does not mean they are completely useless or incapable of making any progress. Just because you did not hear what you wanted, which seems to be some magic bullet, in Obama’s plans/platforms, specifically regarding civil rights and racial inequality, just because you did not find what you were looking for in his books (assuming you’ve read them in your thorough search for substance?), just because you did not hear any of his surrogates or fellow democrats talking about his plans,etc for America does not mean that “NO ONE has said what he will offer this nation as president”. He’s not your magic bullet. He’s not your holy grail. But he’s the best we’ve seen in…who knows. Just because people don’t agree with you (and its difficult as you’ve not offered your stance on any issues or discussed your particular candidate of choice?) on who to vote for and why does not mean they need to ‘get smart, get the facts, and know who’ they are voting for. They just aren’t in agreement with you. Dealing with ambiguity and diverse opinions is hard but it might just lower your blood pressure. And that’s all I have to say about that…Obama 08!!!!

  17. the last time a black man had this much clout oversees he was grabbing his crotch and moonwalking across the stage no disrespect to the King of Pop but my people can offer so much more and it damn sure feels good to see how much Barack has done to empower our race in this country and abroad “YES WE CAN! CHANGE THE WORLD…”

  18. Thanks! Not only he wears its finest print as The Gentleman. What you should understand he wears Peace not like others who instigate metaphor to fib negative distraction. Public Service is so unique that once here from Granny that EDUCATION is something left within that community as all the men and women who came wears with the agenda to play the same SILLINESS days in shackles and wind up issues rather a gentleman has used the finest by product to spread HOPE to ignite intellectualism; that heard some ignorance is playing wind up to the same community that he is carrying Garveyism. Whilst I challenge the Upper Class elite that what ever being finance to shadow this HISTORIC MOMENT, Keeping my Diary not only we will start ? outsiders rather we will start to ? the motivates behind the distraction of financing that continue to over shadow intellectualism in that community because Have ? CERTAIN people rather naive they are playing games. What GRANNY said is hope is coming what ever they have got to make it worse we will start investigate the greedy busters that has chastised editorial print.

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