Nas Protests FOX and FOX Balks!

A black person stood up and called someone on their shit and per usual, that person who did the shit and stank-a-danked things up cowered and hid. Black person: one. Punk-ass news bitch: 0.

Here are the pictures from Nas and Color of Change’s confrontation at FOX headquarters were they attempted to deliver a petition the bitch-ass network would not accept. MAN are they wussies. They did this same thing to a gaggle of homeless war veterans confronting Bill O’Reilly for claiming there were no vets sleeping under bridges. Naturally, the posse of homeless Vietnam and Iraqi/Afghanistan war vets thought a tad bit differently. They wouldn’t even let The Daily Show in there. (Well … I can understand that. The Daily Show will clown on yo’ ass and you will look a damn fool.)

Wussies. And typical. They’ll bash black folks on air, but they can’t tell it straight to our faces. Punks!

7 thoughts on “Nas Protests FOX and FOX Balks!

  1. Takin’ it to teh streets – I like it.How stupid is Faux News? If they had sent someone out to accept the petition and read any kind of bullsh*t statement there would have been NO STORY.Idiots. I’m glad everyone gets to see them acting fool.

  2. OMG, My mom fell asleep with Fox News on (or she rolled over on the remote b/c I can’t picture her watching them long enough to fall asleep) and I hear from her room Bill O’Reilly and two black puppets talking about Nas, Color of Change, and I wanted to puke. IDK if Juan Williams (I think that’s his name) is SCAN’s list but he needs to be (and so does that chick but I can’t remember her name at all). They were all, “The only had 50 people. They weren’t there because they were upset, they just wanted to meet Nas.” One of the other crap shows, “He wore a shirt with the ‘N word’, isn’t that worse for black people?” THANK YOU WHITE MAN ON FOX NEWS FOR LETTING US KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR US./rantOne more thing… Comedy Central’s site put up interview clips of Nas then took them down. They only have the full episode up now and I’m pretty sure you can’t embed that. So I just put up a YouTube, then gave a link to this other site with the clips, and finally a link to the full ep. VIACOM IS ATTACKING AGAIN.

  3. Also, I love how inaccurate they are. They played a snippet or one line of something Nas said and they were all, “That’s his whole argument. That one line.” Nevermind that other channels played other pieces of him speaking. UGH.

  4. Wow I’m proud of them. Now this is the sort of stuff they should have shown on the Black in America documentary. They should have asked Black people what they are mad about and interviewed activists.

  5. wng: Yeah, FOX is amazingly dumb by so openly fighting and being indignant. How hard would it have been to take in those boxes so the protesters would go away and stop “embarrassing” the network.But FOX is like the 50 Cent of news networks, constantly airing beefs and calling out other journalists, citizens, whomever disagrees with them like they’re 16 years old. And they wonder why the industry doesn’t take them seriously.lisa: Hmm … don’t know what’s up with Viacom. And yeah … that Bill-O. He doesn’t like it with things don’t fit his narrow arguments. Nuance is not in his dictionary.bronze trinity: Yeah. I didn’t watch Black In America because I had a feeling it would be the Micky Dees of investigative journalism. I didn’t expect anything new, groundbreaking or truly controversial. This is cable news. They’re trying to make some bank. It’s amazing they did anything at all.

  6. well? Did nas show up smoking weed or beat anybody down, or make an attempt at forming a sentence comprised of Ummm, you know what i’m sayin?”Nahh I didn’t think so. Perhaps some of you were worrying for nothing.Faux news is going to tumble quickly under the tide of changing attitudes and awakening political minds. The last bastion of white male backlash will die a horrid death at its own hands/mouths.

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