Nas Does Colbert and He Does It Right

Wednesday I proposed the question: NYC rapper Nas repping for Color of Change’s anti-FOX News racism campaign, good, bad or WTF. Later that night I got my answer on The Colbert Report:

Answer: The Pro-Nas people won this argument. I have been persuaded. I have seen the light. Anyone who can diss Bill O’Reilly, Dick Cheney and drop a Redd Foxx reference all in the same song rocks. I’m glad the “brilliant” Nas showed up this time, prepared and on his game. Go Team Nas.

6 thoughts on “Nas Does Colbert and He Does It Right

  1. anon: Hey. He said he was 5’11”. He hasn’t allowed me near CNN studios for a personal, private height measuring. LOL!That said, I think you’re commenting on the wrong thread! This one is about Nas!

  2. Awwm Man!The video cut off on me!However, I would LOVE to see that debate. Nas will have to learn how detect and diffuse ad hominem attacks, cut through circular logic, get some practice in “gotcha” politics, and generally have the ability to deal with the bombastic debate style practiced at FOX.Nasir will do ok.I can’t wait; you know that O’Reilly would be the one who would want to debate him. He is just pompous enough to want to take down a “rapper,” while at the same time use his relationships with Sharpton, Goldberg, and other blacks to say how Nas will get “equal time” on his show.OOOOOOHHHH, I just thought of this:Maybe they will use Larry Elder to do their dirtywork; he has a new show on FOX

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