Right On! Barack!

8 thoughts on “Right On! Barack!

  1. LMAO! This magazine is still being published? By the way I am watching CNN with your man TJ and Amy Holmes is in the segment. The only thing she’s said that I agree with is that depending on the talent [and appeal] of the politicians Blacks would vote Republican or Democrat. How do I get to be a pundit? At least I have some actual debate skills and can form complete sentences!

  2. Quickest way to become a pundit: covert to black Republicanism (or at least conservatism), get job at conservative think tank (AEI, AIPAC, Focus on the Family, whatever, it doesn’t matter), get a column on Red State or Human Events, get as cute as a button then go to CNN and say, “Put me on teevee, please!”And yes, they still print Right On!, but not Fresh, amazingly. And do the kids even get why it’s called “Right On!”? No one says “right on!” anymore. Or “Fresh” for that matter, but at least fresh has a nice retro, B-Boy ring to it.

  3. Wow! I haven’t seen a “Right On’ since I had Al B. Sure and New Edition up on teh wall in the 80’s. Obama likes Black Girls eh? Too funny and good to know.I FINALLY saw TJ Holmes on tv. I don’t watch alot of it, so I missed out. He is truly handsome Snob and I understand your obsession now. 🙂

  4. YES!!! Thank you SO much for this! Right On, Black Beat and Word Up! are still out there, but they don’t run as much as they used to because B2K isn’t around anymore (I know … as I out my age on here).

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