Nas For Obama: Good Thing? Bad Thing? WTF Thing?

It seems rapper Nas has joined with black progressive activist group Color of Change in their campaign to challenge FOX News for their habitual Negromongering over Presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Sometimes it feels like 1952 on there — the way we never were. Someone had to launch a counter-attack.


You don’t have to be invited onto Nas’ tour bus to know that the big screen in the back lounge isn’t tuned to Fox News. Ever.

If the track “Sly Fox” (”Watch what you watchin’, Fox keeps feeding us toxins/ Stop sleeping, start thinking”) on Untitled didn’t already tip you off that the MC isn’t a fan, then his position at the front of the pack at a press conference held outside the “fair and balanced” news network’s Manhattan headquarters should seal the deal.

At 2:30 p.m. tomorrow, Nas is joining the Web sites and to deliver a petition with more than 620,000 signatures demanding that the network end what the organizations call a “pattern of racist attacks against black Americans including presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.”

“Fox poisons the country with racist propaganda and tries to call it news,” Nas said in a statement. A spokesperson for Fox News could not be reached for comment at press time.

But Nas? As one poster on Jack & Jill Politics opined, “Wasn’t Will Smith available?”

Will Smith, like Obama, is not prone to gaffes, is tightly in control of his press and career and knows how to behave in polite circles. He’s friendly enough for the white folks, yet down enough for the blacks. He’s your basic “Blackness Ambassador.” It’s a title you get when you bridge two worlds semi-successfully. I’m a Blackness Ambassador. So is Oprah and Gwen Ifil. It’s a pain in the ass explaining what a pressing comb is to white people, but someone has to do it.

Nas is not the sort of guy who bridges that gap with a Coke and a smile. Yet that’s who we got. Nas, a guy who tried to release his latest album under the title “Nigger,” including wearing gear with the world “Nigger” printed on it at the Grammys. He changed the title. (Did people learn nothing from Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “N*gger Please” album? MTV VJ’s can’t exactly drop that title on TRL.) But Nas is also a talented rapper with a great pro-Obama song. He’s more conscious than say, Jay-Z, and other than sometimes sounding like an idiot (as rappers are prone to do when they discuss things outside of their sphere of influence — no one asked your opinion on “Jesse can’t keep shit in the family”-gate). He’s no T-Pain. If T-Pain or Lil’ Weezy were repping for Color of Change’s anti-FOX protest I’d be concerned.

And I’d be saying, was Puffy not available? I’m sure he could have pulled out some of those old “vote or die” T-shirts.

Jokes aside, I guess I’m glad Nas is taking an active role in getting Obama elected. I would have preferred him being polite on the sidelines, writing good pro-Obama rap songs like “Black President,” then registering to vote and later actually showing up at the polls to vote for Obama, but that’s me. Also, I don’t know if Obama wants most rappers’ help — donations? YES. Obama takes cash. But I’m sure he also has a naughty and nice list for rapper fans.

Mos Def, good.
, perfect.
Queen Latifa, good.
Lupe Fiasco, has potential.
Snoop Dogg, bad.
Yung Berg
, bad.
50 Cent, bad.
, risky.

But pro-rapper love or not, Barack is getting his help. Nas, Move On and Color of Change to the rescue.

It’s great when we all work together.

But Jack & Jill Politics commenter “Town” sums up my true cynicism about this endeavor.

Publicity stunt on Nas’ part, IMO.

I’ll bet a box of Krispy Kreme donuts that Bill O’Reilly will call ColorofChange a racist hate organization and he’ll talk about how the gangsta rapper NAS loves the n-word so much that he wanted
to name his album that but the good folks at Walmart took a stand against such racist filth.

Yeah … that feels about right. And he’ll work George Soros in there too. And Jesse Jackson. That’s the FOX I know. Just let the bigotry wash over you like a bath of battery acid. So warm and stinging.

12 thoughts on “Nas For Obama: Good Thing? Bad Thing? WTF Thing?

  1. Now Obama will have to reject and denounce NAS and his “Nigger” T-shirt and album.That was the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. He should have let that remain an idea (and die) at the blunt party.

  2. I like get togetha, STAN for Nas so I will make no excuses for my biased comments that follow (lol).TBH, I don't think he's doing it for publicity. I think I'm going to stay away from the Jack & Jillers site if it has anything to do with the Jack & Jill organization (puke). I can only take so much snobbery.As for the Nigger T-Shirt/Album… Untitled will always be called Nigger in my heart and I think if you listen to the album with an open mind you’ll realize he’s saying a lot of truth. Not saying that he’s saying anything I haven’t heard before but everyone isn’t me so if he’s getting the message out there to others… Yay Nas. Plus, I like Color of Change.

  3. People bitch about the state of hip hop. They bitch about all the problems with it (I do too). Then Nas makes a serious album, talking about some truly serious shit that his audience needs to hear. THEN he starts talking to them about politics, about how we get treated by a mjor media outlet. He gets people who maybe don’t even watch the news to pay attention to how a ‘news channel’ is portaying us.And people are pissed? I’m sorry, but no. The problems are too big and too scary not to call all hands on deck. I say go listen to Nigger. I hate that word but that album was serious. Sign up at Color of Change and add your voice to Nas and mine and hundreds of thousands of others. Worried this might hurt Obama’s campaign? Then go volunteer for it. You don’t have to be acceptable to white folks to be able to stand up for your own folks.Damn.

  4. So let’s see … I’ve got three for Nas and one against. As I said in the post the thing could go either way. Nas has his pluses and minuses.+ He’s a conscious, talented rapper. Not some blinged ‘bama mouthed miscreant- He’s a rapper and a rapper who could possibly scare the less cultured white folkThe question is does the plus out-weigh the minus? Could Color of Change’s real message (FOX is RACIST) be obscure by individuals manipulating and/or distorting Nas’ body of work.Hate me now, INDEED!

  5. Nas is controversal because he is a thinking man. People ask his opinion because they KNOW this. They also know they are going to get an answer that actually might be saying something of interest or importance. Sometimes he’s a bit off and sometimes he’s dead the hell on. He is doing what he is doing because there are problems larger than Hip Hop that are plaguing the black community. The folks who think he only speaks his words for profit are simply wrong. I am actually glad to see him STANDING for something instead of just speaking on it. Word to your mother.

  6. WNGI’m going to pass on listening to Nas’s new joint. I’m sure it’s a rehash of his many themes from the past about the black plight and politics. Not saying it’s not needed for some folks, but I’ve heard it all before.I used to be a massive Nas fan. All the cats around my house tease me that I was sweating him hard. But, I’m not a fan anymore. I get tired of folks whose private lives do not align with their public personas, but who still like to take the moral high ground.

  7. That you could actually entertain the thought of P-diddy as a better candidate than Nas for this says much about how much you’ve been paying attention. Will Smith? Will.I.Am? Oh I see you like your men with their masculinity appropriately neutered so as to appease those white men who would be threatened by by anything more. Yep! As witnessed by your slobbering all over the tiny itchy jock of that little newsboy you keep fluttering over.The Rush and O-Liely’s opinions should never matter in our lives. They don’t contain the intellect to discuss the use of the the word Nigger nor why Nas tried to title his album thusly. Stop whining like a bitch and stand by your man and have a little faith in him….geesh I bet you’d piss and moan, wondering why, if he got a little White woman.This post reminds me of that Black Female blogger who called “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” ,”Another unintelligible album by an angry Black woman.”

  8. zinjanthropus: My friend, I don’t think you read my post very closely.1) The Puffy reference was a joke as to who would be better than T-Pain and Lil Weezy if they were chosen instead of Nas2) I said in the piece that Nas is a talented, conscious rapper who is sometimes prone to saying things that sound dumb.3) The post was largely ambivalent as I said Nas as a spokesperson could be a good or bad thing. Which is true. It could be a good or a bad thing.4) The “good/bad” rapper list was satire based on how political campaigns think when vetting people. Hence the Will Smith reference, because if this was Obama’s campaign picking people and not Color of Change, Obama’s people would not have picked Nas due to the fact that he is controversial. And the only reason got an “excellent” in my fictitious Obama list was because of the internet sensation “Yes We Can” ad he did. It was an INSIDE JOKE!So, really. I suggest you read it again. I’m not trying to argue with you, but I think you’ve got me confused with someone else.

  9. ok Boo, I guess I just got pissed and my fingers took over before my eyes were done. I probably should’ve expressed my concern over at Jack+Jill. I take back all the slime I threw at you… eh except for the Bizzare love for that news boy. WTF with that?

  10. zinjanthropus: No prob, man. I too have committed the blind rage while reading then mash out a comment sin. It’s pretty common. It’s understandable. Per me and my newsboy, everybody’s got their something. Mine is TJ Holmes and menfolk who read the news. I’m a journalist. I’m hot for my own kind! I make no excuses!

  11. I’m going to pass on listening to Nas’s new joint. I’m sure it’s a rehash of his many themes from the past about the black plight and politics. Not saying it’s not needed for some folks, but I’ve heard it all before.Big Man, if you don’t listen then you can’t really comment on what it’s about.

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