You Got What You Wanted, McCain: Obamamania In Iraq. You Poor Fool.

Because it’s blowing up Hollywood style in your face.

Be careful what you wish for because you JUST MIGHT GET IT.

I knew this wouldn’t go well for John McCainBarack Obama going to the Middle East and strutting around like we already elected him president. All he can hope for now is a gaffe, a faux pas and fumble to put a blight on what so far has been the “Everyone Loves Obama” show overseas.

While some conservatives are bitching about the wall-to-wall coverage in the press let me remind them of two things:

1) McCain could have had similar press coverage when he went but barred them.

2) McCain goaded gleefully that Obama needed to go to the Middle East

This is like the rabbit in the brier patch all over again.

Oh no, Lawdy no! Missuh McCain! Don’t tho me em Iraq! Ah hate dat Iraq! Ah’ll lookie like a fool dere!” said Br’er Obama as he trembled with fear.

You take a photogenic man made for television and print with a ten-mile-high hype machine who is prone to fits of inspiration, who has NO problem with manipulating the press and you throw him into the Middle East where the locals want us to get the hell out and he, shock of shocks, has a plan to get us the hell out. Who knew the locals would seem very intrigued by this withdrawal plan of Obama’s. The foreign press even alluded that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki may endorse Obama’s plan.

Quelle horror!

Jordan? Cupcakes for the O-Man? Really. You shouldn’t have! How sweet!

It also didn’t help that by the time McCain got out his semi-coherent message of “Barack hasn’t been to the Middle East” Barack was in the Middle East and so was the press who normally would cover such remarks. McCain supporter Sen. Lindsay Graham hit up CNN’s The Situation Room Monday to explain to a perpetually lackluster Wolf Blitzer how these foibles are good things for McCain and no good, very bad, things for Obama. Even though Obama hasn’t pulled a Dukakis in a tank yet (fingers crossed!)

Lookie dere. Lookie dere. Guess that Br’er Fox McCain was tricked again!

The truth is, Obama and his staff are masters at stagecraft in the same way Karl Rove could turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse for George W. Bush. But unlike Bush, where the stage craft had to make up for his often shitty word delivery, Barack knows his adverbs from his adjectives. He’s got flow. And he’s tall. And he’s good looking.

Who thought this was a good idea again?

But he could still put on a flight suit and announce “Mission Accomplished.” Cross your toes and blink three times. It could come true.

*All pictures by The Associated Press

7 thoughts on “You Got What You Wanted, McCain: Obamamania In Iraq. You Poor Fool.

  1. Obama is EXACTLY what Rev. Martin Luther King was talking about in his “I have a dream” speech. He is the candidate that you can look for in the future when you take color, race, gender, and bias’ out of the equation. Because the GOP will continue to put forth candidates who they view as “being their turn”, ie Bob Dole, they will see more and more of these type of progressives in future elections.Obama is just the tip of the iceberg. Look for the whole country to merge “left” over the next ten years….. Thank God!!!!

  2. I cracked up when I heard what Maliki said. I thought it was too funny for words. And, I was most worried about THIS part of the trip. Maybe something bad will happen during the European part of the trip, but the Europeans want Shrub gone SOOOO bad, they don’t know what to do. But, your post is hilarious. Simply hilarious.Be careful of what you wish for. PS- I LOVE the pictures of him with the Brothers and Sisters in uniform. YOU KNOW the moment that they heard he was coming there, they muscled and did whatever they had to do in order to be in that room with him….LOL

  3. Obama is so photogenic that every photo of him should win a photo contest. The guy just looks fantastic in photos looking all presidential! Its such a major burn on McCain that he was the one who suggested this trip and its totally blowing up in his face. No one cares when McCain goes overseas because he does is all the time and he’s not even slightly hot (he’s creepy and decaying). Barack is a rock star and the world loves him.

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