For A Great Rundown on Obama Abroad …

Check out the Roadkill Refugee’s Daily Tidbits for Monday. It’s priceless … here’s a little nibble:

Somebody Get Him the Talking Points. During a photo op with McCain in Maine, former President Bush (”41″) responds to a press question on how he feels about Obama’s planned events abroad, “A little jealous, is all.”

Ben Smith of Politico has a pair of contrasting photos capturing the day (if not the campaign): one is of Obama in Iraq with General Petreaus, looking as cool as Neo in the Matrix, and the other is of McCain riding with G.H.W. Bush (”41″) riding in a golf cart, looking like two grumpy old men. As one commenter put it, Bush’s “Hands Off” sign on the cart is the new “Get Off My Lawn!”

4 thoughts on “For A Great Rundown on Obama Abroad …

  1. i personally hold george senior responsible for dubya…he raised an idiot to be the president…sometimes spanking a kid is necessary…senior didn’t do it enough spankings on dubya…

  2. 1. Someone cracked me up on another board – about McSame with 41 – that NOBODY should be seen wearing a TURTLENECK IN JULY.LOL2. You’ve been slacking on your Michelle duties. She’s had events in Michigan and Colorado, and I’ve been waiting for the pics. Had to hunt some of them down on my own. She has a new dress – black polkadots..but, the Black belt is there..LOL

  3. rikyrah: I have them! I just haven’t posted them yet. I like to collect a good amount before I shower all in Michelle love. I’ll probably run them later this week with some other pics I have.

  4. Rikyrah, well as a sista in Maine who has no love towards the Bushes. I will say that Maine is probably one of the few places where wearinga turtleneck in Maine can be a reality. LOL. The weather here is crazy. That said, yes I saw the local news last night and was struck with how unpresidential McCain looked, he looks like he is waiting to be cast in “Grumpy Old Men Part 2”.

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