Week in Pictures IV: Kimora Rolls Out for JC Penney, Rosario and Terrence Get Tispy In Italy

Also this week, Kimora Lee Simmons held a launch for her Fabulosity line at JC Penney. Classy. She was there with her family, including her beaux Djimon Housou and her adorable little girls. Gabrielle Union (I swear, she’s everywhere) poses for pics along with the likes of this Mashonda person who is listed as a “singer” but is wearing some impressive shoes.

I’ve about had it with Kimora and these tight, satin dresses. Homegirl. They are not flattering. Please. Make a move to something, anything else.

And finally some pictures from the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival in Ischia, Italy July 17. On hand were Senor Tre Cool, Terrence Howard and my #1 girl crush Rosario Dawson. As usually, Rosario looked like she put the least amount of effort in her look and Terrence didn’t look like he was worth a damn thing, looking all beautiful and weird. Side note: Rosario’s boobs look strangely huger that usual. I’m not one of those is she/isn’t she pregnant people, but she look like she’s at least gained three or four more pounds in her bra.

7 thoughts on “Week in Pictures IV: Kimora Rolls Out for JC Penney, Rosario and Terrence Get Tispy In Italy

  1. Snob.Gurl crush on Rosario eh? I dunno. I live close to Spanish Harlem and there are plenty of bangin chicks here that make Rosario look REGLA.I hate to admit that I think Terrance is sexy. Those cats eyes make him look like the spitting image of a young Billy Eckstine.

  2. And also,Scuse my french…..but what in the damn fuck kinda dress is Gabrielle wearing? She and her hair look a tiyad mess. And yes…chick is everywhere. I think she needs to upgrade her style a bit; cause she’s starting ride off in the sunset of predictability.

  3. After catching an episode of Kimora’s stoopid reality show, if I never see or hear anything about that spoiled princess and her spawn I would be very happy.

  4. get togetha: More Rosario for me then! I agree, there are prettier Afro-Caribbean girls, but she’s just my girl. I adore her. And if you look at my wall of sexy, you’ll notice a … um … theme amongst both the men and women folk as I am attracted to dark haired, darked eyed people of a variety of complexions. So I think a lot of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cuban, folks from the islands, are hot. As well as Colombians, Ecuadoreans, Venezuelans, and … dear Lord, Brazilians. How could God create a nation so good looking? And the Italians. And the Spaniards. And some eastern Europeans. The Lebanese. Persians. The North Africans. The black North Americans. The west Africans. Africans period. We are the hotness.I love brown people. I love black people. I love olive people. I think we’re the hottest people in the game. And this includes the Asians, both south and east, but especially everyone from the Filipinos up to the Koreans. Especially the Koreans.But enough about that … And there should be a law that Terrence gets to walk around looking like that.And yes. Gabby’s dress is hideous. I was tired so I really didn’t get into how ridiculous it looked.anonymous: I can’t break up with Kimora. She’s from Florissant, Mo. My hometown. And she’s over 6 feet tall and a black (Asian) woman. As annoying as she can be, she’s still on my team.

  5. I don’t hate Rosario. I guess I like her..LOLKImora..I guess she’s NOT preggers, but she’s always looking good, and got the kids with her. Gabrielle- needs to be slapped along with the stylist.You crack me up with your Terrence Howard stalking.

  6. Terrance is foine…. my husband already knows if I ever get a chance to get close to Terrance, he will get left… plain and simple.As for Kimora, that dress is ugly and having seen her tv show, it might be a match for her personality.Rosario is a cutie, she is cute but in a way that seems real unlike so many celebrities.

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