Week In Pictures III: Everyone Looks Good For Derek Jeter

Time to party in NYC for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Weekend. Clef is down.

The Jordan label threw a shindig for Yankee’s star Derek Jeter and everyone tried to dress to impress. His party was also going down during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Weekend in New York there were a few misses fashion-wise, but most looks were right on target.

Mmm … Jeter. Dreamy.

Jeter and Jordan. Mike went all casual with his “weathered’ jeans, but it’s the shoes, man. It’s gotta be the shoes. Those possible Stacey Adams look like they are on hit from under those jeans.

Eric Williams of the Charlotte Bobcats. Not bad. Not bad at all. You didn’t dress up, but when you look like that, do you have to?

Idris Elba did not dress up for this event. He better be glad he’s extremely attractive.

Mr. October. Reggie Jackson.

Lloyd in a throwback.

Wanya and Shawn of Boyz II Men wearing Ed Hardy.

Gabby, some things not right with the weave, other than that, it would take a lot to make you look bad. And dresses with pockets? Hot. Sometimes. Not this one. But they can work.


VJ Julissa Bermudez looking in a hideous white vest, pale pink mini dress that resembles a torn T-shirt (like she stole it from 80s cartoon doll Jem) and shoes that make her feet look like their strapped in an all white prison.

Applause for Mya’s sudden ability to put together a killer outfit that makes her resemble a young Irene Cara. Oh, what a feeling. And that feeling is hot. Mya is in this sort of singer hell where she’s not good enough to compete with Beyonce and too old to make a run at Rihanna. She’s not as legendary as Mary J. Blige or as earthy as Erykah Badu. Instead she’s squashed in the back of the pack with Ashanti and all these other middling, so-so R&B songstresses. I think she should just give it up and go Broadway. Sometimes when you’re on a crowded bus the best thing you can do is get off.

I don’t know a lot about Terrence J. but I like this outfit. Very Ricky Schroder.

6 thoughts on “Week In Pictures III: Everyone Looks Good For Derek Jeter

  1. Is it the lighting or does Shaq look ashy? I like Jordan’s shoes, but hate the shapeless jacket. Why is Gabrielle Union everywhere?Damn, what happened to Mya’s career? She’s actually pretty talented. Myabe she does need to get off the bus.I find Derek Jeter really odd looking.

  2. i don’t get what’s so good looking about derek jeter…i’ve seen his parents and they’re not good looking and he looks like them…sue me…

  3. That’s shawn stockman in the boyz II men with with wanya… not nathan…@terrence does look nice… lol uppity negro is funny… it boggles me how every feels what they see on tv is real… i know him personally and it is all an act for tv… just like reality shows are not really reality… he is a cool dude… and will definitely have a career after 106, he is a business man at heart and will be alright.

  4. Eb the Celeb: Good looking out. That IS Shawn Stockman. Sometimes I just jack directly from WireImage’s descriptions and they are OFTEN wrong. I’ll fix it!

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