TJ Has A One Track Mind

But it’s not his fault entirely. He interviewed a couple about their book Saturday where they discussed their attempt to have sex every day for a whole year. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that my Peanut Butter Cup o’ TV News is about as giddy and as horny over this prospect as the next dude, but most don’t get to have a cringe worthy interview about it.

Back in April when TJ revealed he didn’t cook and ate out all the time I suggested that someone go to Atlanta and cook that Razorback a meal. But … um … if he needs more than a meal, I’m going to suggest the rest of you get out of my way. I love you all. But I’m from St. Louis and I’m not afraid to cut you. (Thanks, Tami for the link!)

13 thoughts on “TJ Has A One Track Mind

  1. OMG! Until I watched it again…I didn’t realize he said “I have been dating the wrong Women” at the beginning of the interview! LOL Oh lord. I’m getting my ticket to Hotlanta and I’m bringing my 7 layer lasagna and a bullet proof vest-for your knife in case ya try to cut me! ! LOL

  2. Fine. Be prepared to catch a frying pan over the head, tamtam! LOL! I’m not playing! All the deliciousness that is TJ will be mine.Thank you. That is all.

  3. I was wondering when you would post this. πŸ˜‰ Reyna, I totally agree with you. I bet there are girls lined up to wash his feet. Anon “Skirt”

  4. Ms. Snob,Thank you for your T.J. Holmes insanity!!!! Girl I eam his google stalker here in Atlanta. You are my girl, but I am from Mississippi and while you are cutting those other chicks, I’ll just slide by with some groceries!!!!I am so glad I discovered The Black Snob!!!!

  5. Its a good thing I am happily married, otherwise I would be working my way to the head of the line complete with my lovely shrimp creole to feed that gorgeous man. Heck, I would even bake a red velevet cake to feed him for dessert, from scratch! LOL

  6. Blackgirlinmaine, Care to share that Red Velvet cake recipe??? πŸ˜‰ (Since you got a man and all…lol!)

  7. @Black SnobI’m going to get you for this. I’m going to fix your wagon for putting TJ in my psyche! I cant seem to get him out!!lolL

  8. hollinsJDprincess,: Yes. That nugget is in the google stalking achieves and posting is coming post-haste (probably later today after I snag a copy at le Barnes N’ Noble.)

  9. Since I try to catch him every weekend, I saw this. TJ seemed to be really excited to do this interview. *Wink Wink*. It was hilarious when he said “I have been dating the wrong women”. He did ask the couple good questions, though. What was really funny is that the couple wrote this book putting their business on front street, but then they try to get shy and evasive when they are asked questions about the experiment. They shouldn’t have written the book if they don’t want people in their sex life. End of rant LOL

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