The Black Snob on MySpace!

Now if you want to know the more personal side of a broke journalist/fiction writer you can check me out at my new spot on MySpace — theblacksnob! There you can friend my alterego, MetaKim, a supped up personification of the diminutive diva I love to hate, La Bella Mafia, Lil’ Kim — Warholed to the max. I illustrated her a few years back during a brief hip hop influenced art period. She’s come to symbolize everything commercial and emotional in my life. She is my uninhibited sexual and mental id, blurting out truths and fictions without knowing the difference. Enjoy the rambles! And don’t forget to friend me! (You can also find me bitching about creative blocks and whatnot on my Black Planet page — The Black Snob.)

Be sure to shout out that you’re from the page if you friend me. I don’t want to accidentally delete fellow snobs!


Danielle aka “The Snob”

2 thoughts on “The Black Snob on MySpace!

  1. I know you don’t have that big @$$ picture of TJ on your Myspace page. You’re a mess Snob. -Anon “Skirt”

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