And the Parodies Get Weirder …

I honestly don’t know what The Stranger, a Seattle, Wash. alternative weekly newspaper, is going for here, but as a last minute, thrown together effort to dramatize/lampoon/cash-in on the far more interesting and controversial New Yorker cover of Michelle Angela Davis Obama X and her husband Barack Obama = Osama “Hummm? Are they brothers?” I guess it will pass the absurdity test as, my God. This is absurd. Erykah Badu and the Gipper locked in a forbidden embrace. She in Nancy Reagan Red. He in an Aunt Jemima turban. It’s like an ad for the world’s unsexiest cologne … Zombie Slave Master — The Thirteenth Amendment May Have Ended Their Peculiar Institution, But It Could Never End Their Peculiar Love!

5 thoughts on “And the Parodies Get Weirder …

  1. Snob,I have no idea what that Reagan/ Badu thing is about either. But on another note I just got my hands on the July Black Italian Vogue! It’s great! There are so many beautiful Black models featured, past and present. Have you seen it yet? If so what do you think?

  2. @ monie,I went to buy it at my local Barnes & Noble and there where YT kids (art students) who were asking about it! Needless to say, they were all sold out. LOL. I'll have to expand my search and hope I can find it elsewhere before they're all gone.

  3. Madame Z,Don't give up! It's worth the wait. Maybe Barnes & Noble or another bookstore will let you pay in advance or get on a waiting list. Good luck!

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