Found Object: The Man of Your Dreams

I believe it’s supposed to be Barack Obama as a romance novel cover star. The Great Hope Mongerer as the Great Love Mongerer! I somehow missed it when it came out in Willamette Week more than a month ago, but Gawker introduced me to it Wednesday in a piece on how to make fun of Obama without coming off as a douche. Anyway, it could be just me, but if this were on a black velvet canvas and being sold along the highway I would totally pull over and buy it. Dig the white horse in the background! The roses rising out of the water! I still don’t know what that is in his hand. Candy bar? Belt buckle? Bar of soap?

Oh, it’s just so many kinds of wrong it’s right!

*If you see any crazy Obama stuff please, please, please, send me a link. Like, if you really start seeing Velvet Obamas on the roadside The Snob wants … no, check that! NEEDS to know! Hit me up,!

11 thoughts on “Found Object: The Man of Your Dreams

  1. Oh Snob! You are SO RIGHT. I would pull over for a velver Obama and it would be hysterically funny. I love this image. It cracks me up.

  2. Hey Snob,This painting/pic reminds me of artist Kehinde I work at the Studio Museum in Harlem and last night was our Summer Opening featuring Kehinde’s brilliant work. I think Democratic Nominee Barack Obama is the sexiest thing to happen to politricks in a long time. Damn that man is fine! Barack has that sneaky type of attraction that just grows on you.

  3. i first thought it was a tazer… then i thought it was a set of clippers – obama, rising out of the water to give you the hair cut of your dreams! this reminds me of the ubiquitous dreadlocked black Jesus picture.

  4. If only they had placed in riding through the surf on the back of a unicorn….::SIGH:: Oh well now to keep on the look out for that black velvet picture or even better him and Michelle embracing each other on black velvet!!!!

  5. LOL… Should he get elected, I could see this picture on velvet, then there would be a whole generation of us with velvet pictures of Obama on the wall. We’d be 80 years old talking about don’t mess up my velvet Obama and our kids/grandkids would be laughing at us.

  6. i needed this laugh.But, I do see this will be sold, on the street. I dunno if I would buy it, but I’d think about it.This is hilarious.

  7. LOL,I see all kinds of Obama art here in SF…even graffiti!You should check out my boy’s remix of dead presidents…this one is about Obama! I think you would appreciate it.<A HREF="


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