When Being An Incognegro Gets You Accidentally Opted Out of Minority-Land (Update!)

I wish I could find the audio for it, but I’m going to have to ask you all to take my word for it. During Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby Monday night ESPN’s announcers remarked that this was the “whitest” line-up ever with no Latino ballers and no black players. And as they laughed over the absurdity of this while Josh Hamilton went for his record breaking 28 homers in the first round, everyone forgot about about the secret Negro raging inside of Cleveland Indian center fielder Grady Sizemore. The not-black-black-man hit six homers in the first round, which would have been decent any other year accept Hamilton’s 28-homer freak year.

It’s not Grady’s fault he doesn’t give off that Jason Don’t believe your lyin’ eyesKidd vibe. Every incognegro can’t be a flaming incognegro!

Thank you reader Ciara for the video link!

PS. Grady was the first incognegro I wrote about for my Incognegro series.

17 thoughts on “When Being An Incognegro Gets You Accidentally Opted Out of Minority-Land (Update!)

  1. Sizemore has actually referred to himself as black, so I think at the least he would correct the radio host. That’s the down side of being an incognegro I guess. You become an undercover cop so long, you trick the criminals into thinking you’re one of them. (Not that I’m equating white folks with being criminals …just a figure of speech.)

  2. Thanks, Ciara!See, mynameismyname, if Grady would stop doing things positively associated with being a human being (like wearing Jackie Robinson’s number last year during the anniversary or being a regular dude) and do something people think all black men do (like when Kidd’s ex-wife accused him of being physically abusive), people wouldn’t think he was a member of the Kawanis Club anymore … … Even if members of the Kawanis Club are sometimes accused of spousal abuse, but might not wear no. 42.

  3. My husband and I were watching the game last night and balked about the dire number of African-American players. The are plenty of African descent players tho…they just speak Spanish. I wonder how the white folks view them cause they are the Hank Aaron’s and Wille May’s of today; whether us regla black folks like it or not.Didn’t know that Grady was incognegro either.

  4. Who cares. Do you really care if Blacks play baseball. At least the US Soccer National Team is blackening up. Kudos to the parents for moving kids to the suburbs.

  5. Plus, why do people get up in arms if a black is not participating in something.

  6. people and suburban thought: I don’t think anyone was up in arms. The announcer was just making an observation considering that baseball has a huge number of minority players, primarily Latino, and many of them home run hitters who did not participate in the derby. Likely because the derby is accused of messing up a player’s swing. (A lot of major white hitters didn’t participate either for the same reason.)I just thought it was funny because Grady Sizemore isn’t white, but he got invited to the Kiwanis club anyway.If anyone is concerned that black Americans don’t play baseball as much it is Major League Baseball which wants, in its own best business interests, to get the best athletic talent and more black consumers invested in the sport. But the MLB struggles to compete against football and basketball.

  7. Hey Stop Blowing his Cover! Let Brother Brady sit there and collect intel so we can know what’s going on in baseball. LOLThis is when commentators get fired for saying dumb stuff. It’s not a interesting fact that their only white guys at the homerun derby, no one watches baseball anyway!

  8. Well, Snob, I don’t think the MLB struggle against the NBA and NFL. I think NASCAR is the most watched and the most lucrative pro sports organization. (Yup, goes to show you how white the US really is …LOL). The NFL next and the MLB third. But those two corporation are neck to neck. I do know that the NBA has struggled with television ratings and revenue in recent years.

  9. mynameismyname: I was referencing their struggle, re: competition, to recruit black American athletes. The NFL and NASCAR are the primary money makers in American sports. But if baseball wants black kids to play its sport they have to convince them to choose baseball over basketball and football which are MUCH more popular in the black community. Hence why MLB cares about getting blacks interested in the sport again.

  10. I’m sorry, I actually misread the comment that I was referencing …my bad. LOL.I think one of the reasons why less black kids are playing baseball has to do with the lack of fields and equipment to play it in many urban areas, which tend to be primarily black. Football and basketball are easier to organize. I know this from my experience in high school. Baseball was intrestingly enough, the priciest sport to fund.

  11. That is a ruse. It does not get much cheaper than a ball, a mitt and you really dont need a mitt and some asphalt or grass. Why is soccer becoming blacker? Because more Blacks live in the suburbs and middle class neighborhoods. Don”t buy into the hype of the liberal media regarding blacks. Read some John McWhorter and get the facts about Blacks. More of us are snobs than not.

  12. Defensive, are you not, “suburbanthuggin”? I said “less black”, not black at all. I was talking about a particular situation, in an urban context, about the lack of popularity and availiablity of baseball programs. I think that was pretty clear. I don’t get my information about blacks or anyone else from other sources. No, it comes from actual experience and knowledge, thank you. E-beef, I don’t do. So, let’s just stop there.

  13. OMG I WAS TELLING MY BORTHER THIS!!!!!! I looked at Grady Sizemore and after being like “oh this guy is cute” i was like he looks a little…ethnic…my ethnic i mean Negroid. i have a RADAR!!! calming down…i’m gunna go back and read the rest of this post.

  14. please go to cocopuffington.blogspot.com i just read a blog on undercover black people its pretty funny

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