Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Skirt Chasing

Thank you, anonymous TJ-aficionado, for sending me a link to this mini-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup nugget with The Snob. This photo is part of a trio of shots featuring CNN Weekend’s TJ Holmes and Betty Nguyen at a photocall for Skirt Magazine. It’s sort of freaking me out that with those aviator shades on, TJ looks a lot like my fam, Newport, Ark.’s finest, Cousin Snob, who is also fond of aviator shades. (TJ is from West Memphis, Ark., BTW.)

To see more pictures of TJ check out the vault!

PS. Also, I’ve added more pictures to my collection of news reporters and anchors, specifically adding more pictures of war correspondents Christiane Amanpour and Michael Ware of CNN, Lara Logan of CBS and Richard Engel of NBC, all of which I’m so fond of that I’m “this” close to writing porn slash/fiction about them. Check out my collection of reporters, pundits and news anchors here.

3 thoughts on “Google Stalking TJ Holmes: Skirt Chasing

  1. I don’t know, but I think TJ is fond of the light and curly. I remember him going crazy over some brazilian model on his CNN saturday morning show.

  2. No problem. It was me! 🙂 I was hoping you’d get it. I’m lookin’ out for ya girl! Cocobrown, I tend to agree. However, he may shock us. He did date Chilli.

  3. As long as I don’t see him tongue-kissing Kim Kardashian I’m fine.(Actually, I think I could survive him making out with Kim K. The only woman he could truly ever insult me with is Fergie. My humps, my ass!)And thank you, Anon! My monthly visitor showed up and if it weren’t for King Size Snickers bars, wondering about Lara Logan’s sex life and you sending me pics of TJ I’d be tossing computer monitors off highway bridges onto traffic.

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