Have you loved your pundit today? (CNN’s Amy Holmes and Jamal Simmons)

Pundits. The whipping children of cable news.

I often blame pundits for either being horrendous political hacks or scurrilous pontificating pimps, shilling books and bad ideas for cash. But despite all my kvetching, secretly, I love pundits. They’re hilarious. And some of them, even the ones I hate, aren’t that bad. (I’m still convinced “Ann Coulter” is some form of performance shock art.) So in light of this political season I am soliciting a list from you, the readers of the pundits, surrogates and political prognosticators you love, hate and love to hate.

These are individuals like Juan Williams, Michelle Bernard, Gwen Ifill, Rachel Maddow, Amy Holmes, Jamal Simmons, Michael Eric Dyson, Paul Begala, Bill Bennett, Jim McLaughlin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, David Brooks, Thomas L. Friedman, Paul Krugman, James Carville, Howard Fineman, Gloria Borger, Roland Martin, Bob Shrum, Donna Brazile, Leslie Sanchez, Alex Castellanos, Andrea Mitchell, Eugene Robinson, George Will, Michele Malkin, Harold Ford Jr., Linda Chavez, Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, Kellyanne Conway (nee Fitzpatrick), Clarence Page, Mary Matalin, Bob Herbert, Michelle Norris, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, John McWhorter, Maureen Dowd, Robert Johnson, Michael Steele, Ed Shultz, Jesse Jackson, Carl Bernstein, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Eleanor Clift, Monica Crowley, Mort Zuckerman, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Cilizza, Maria Bartiromo, John Podhoretz, Bob Novak, Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Nina Easton, Arianna Huffington, Joe Klein, Jeffrey Toobin, Armstrong Williams, Glenn Beck, Christopher Hitchens and much, much more.

Please rank your top five loves and top five hates with a few thrown in that you love to hate. And please, do explain why you love, hate or love to hate them. I’ll be using the data to put up my GREAT WALL OF POLITICAL PUNDITRY, with your comments included. There will be an official Top 10 loves/hates category as well as a special honorable mention for those we hate, but are glad to see on the air anyway.

Truthfulness is appreciated. After all, you all know my feelings towards Amy Holmes, who should bother me more, but doesn’t. For some background checkout this New York Times piece on the increasing diversity in pundits that ran back in April. (Can’t place that pundit? See graphic here.)

Send your rankings to moi via email at blacksnob@gmail.com or post them in the thread below! The deadline for all entries is a week from now with the story running Monday, July 21.

21 thoughts on “Pick-A-Pundit!

  1. LOVE- Donna Brazile ,Alan Colms, Roland Martin, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow…ohh 4got Jack Caffertyyy!Kick in the Mouth- Lou Dobbs ,Pat Buchanan, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill Bennet Losing Patience with Gloria Berger, WolfB.,AC, Campbell Brown

  2. LURV: Jamal Simmons (darn him being married), Donna Brazille, Roland Martin, Michael Eric Dyson, Arianna Huffington (I need an “I’m a Huff Po Junkie” t-shirt), Gwen Iffel, Ed Shultz, Keith Obermann (he counts right?), and Bill Mahr (I’m counting him darn it)Mail to Abu Dhabi: Ann “Little Black Dress” Coulter, Lou Dobbs (middle class — whatever), whoever that woman is who fills in for Lou Dobbs (I want to strangle her), Michele Malkin, Leslie Sanchez, that other annoying Latina Republican pundit on CNN (the snarky one), Chris MatthewsOn The Bubble: James Carville, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Campbell Brown, Maureen DowdSecret Lovers: Any Holmes (I have hair envy and I’m not ashamed to admit it), John McWhorter, Glen Beck (sometimes he actually says something that makes sense)

  3. i can’t stand any of them. pundit to me just means, “person who gets paid for expressing their opinion, often for no reason at all.”i don’t know why i should listen to them or why they are useful, since when i watch them or read them i frequently think they’re talking out of their heinies.

  4. My top five are;1) Michelle Bernard – Basically I have a crush on her so I never tire of watching her. Also for a conservative she’s very moderate.2) Donna Brazile – I like Donna because she gives the common since point-of-view. (I just wish she would go ahead and wear her hair naturally, Gwen Ifil too.)3) Cynthia Tucker – Cynthia is a conservative Democrat who also delivers the common since point-of-view. My only problem with her is sometimes she misses the non-elite point-of-view.4) John McWhorter – I like him because he’s honest. He’s not afraid to tackle controversial subjects with a unique perspective.5) Michele Malkin – Michelle is basically a crazy nut, not as nutty as say Ann Coulter, but a nut none the less. She is one of my favorites only because I think she’s cute. I generally watch her with the sound on mute.My least favorite 5:1) Pat Buchanan – He is a sick racist.2) George Will – I don’t like Will because he’s dishonest. He almost never reveals how deeply entwined he is with the politicians he supports.3) Tucker Carlson – Tucker is one of the least talented pundits around and yet somehow he keeps getting work. 4) Laura Ingraham – Like a lot of the women Republican pundits she will say anything to get attention. Most of what she says is nuts. I think there is a secret school out there somewhere that teaches pretty or semi-pretty women how to get work as a republican pundit by being a crazy nut.5) Monica Crowley – Another crazy Republican woman pundit.

  5. Love:1) Jamal Simmons2) Andrew Sullivan3) Rachael Maddow4) black guy from Washington Post on MSNBC5) Huffington!HATE!:1) Harold Ford Jr.2) Sean Hannity3) Lou Dobbs4) James Carville5) Christopher Hitchens

  6. Lawd!Those pundits that are on the Deedlelee bus:Donna Brazile (if I was, I would; she’s so butchalicious)Mark Lamont HillAndrew SullivanChristopher HitchensJohn McWhorterThese people offer concise views on today’s topics without the usual in-your-face bravado that others of “similar intellect” use. Pundits that are under the wheels of the Deedlelee bus, and being ground into the asphalt:Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (he would be the one negro who would snitch on the other negroes trying to escape the plantation.Michelle Malkin (she’s like a little rabid Pomeranian you just want to drop kick into the next zip code)Sean Hannity- I just hate him.Michael Eric Dyson- my momma told me to be careful of fast-talking negroes!Star Parker- she’s like your homegirl who used to have cocktails with you, then stopped drinking and started yelling at you because you didn’t quit drinking with her (shucks, she was the one with the problem, not me!)The one that is strapped to the front of Deedlelee’s bus:Larry Elder- he is an affront to everything I believe in. It’s not so much about his politics as it is about his ” I am so much better than THOSE negroes” demeanor.The one Deedlelee should cook a cheeseburger for:Ann Coulter (poor thing, she’s not angry, she’s just hungry)Last but not least, the pundit that should receive the ” Why won’t you dumb liberals listen to me; I’m trying to educate you fools”Constructive Feedback

  7. LOVE -1) Keith Olbermann – That’s my man. He smokes people with those special comments!2) Donna Brazile – Hair issues – battles between looking like Grandma and the X-Men Storm from day to day, but she is on her pundit game this season!3) Michelle Bernard – She is awesome, supports the GOP, but will rip them on racist and sexist stuff!4) Jonathan Alter – Can be tone-deaf on race and gender sometimes, but he will crush other pundits when they are getting too far out of pocket (i.e. Lars Larson)HATE – 1) Bill “Billo” O’Reilly – Liar, Loofa freak, Lunatic2)Tucker Carlson – I HATE HIM! With the bow tie and without the bow tie!3) Bill Bennett – Fat, Racist, and Hypocritical, nuff said!4) Paula Zahn – Fake! Too Skinny! Brainless!5) Brad Blakeman – Never tells the truth and is always revising history. Shakes his head when others are talking. Can’t stand him.LOVE TO HATE -1)Anderson Cooper – Metrosexual news fluffer – no skills!2)Ron Christie – He looks like Screwy Squirrel, he talks too fast, and he’s always defending the GOP no matter how racist the statement. 3)Chris Matthews – Hates women, struggles with Black folks, but I can’t stop watching his damn show!4) Pat Buchanan – He’s an old school racist and sexist, but he is always interesting.5) David Gregory – Looks like a muppet and hates the thought that Obama may become president.On a side note, why are black women always talking about Jamal Simmons? His eyebrows are HUGE and they are ALIVE! He and Ronald Martin both need find a neck and stop wearing such tight suits!

  8. all: So what I’ve learned is cuteness will save you from some beat downs … explaining why Holmes and Malkin didn’t get hit with the same shovel by individuals who were shoveling dirt on Bill O’Reilly’s unattractive grave.professor tracey: LOL! You almost made me spit out my Kool-Aid on that one. I think Jamal is ahh-ight looking, but the palpitations some have over him are interesting to say the least. But if you’re the type of woman to swoon for TV pundits and journalists the rules of cuteness aren’t the same as the one’s for actors or underwear models.But fellow Snob reader grown has threatened for awhile now to counteract my TJ Holmes love by errecting a shrine to Roland Martin’s “baby hair” and fat cheeks that go on for days.But naturally, I will save my opinions until I put out the article in the next week.

  9. I love Donna Brazille#1Roland Martin#2Rachel Maddow #2 Tie with RolandHarold Ford Jr. #3Don’ Like :Amy Holmes, although as of late she is slightly more palatable.All the usual suspects at faux news.

  10. Love them: Roland Martin, Ed Schultz, Donna Brazile, Keith Olbermann Usually enjoy them:Michelle Bernard, Rachel Maddow, Eugene Robinson, Clarence Page, Peggy Noonan (even when I disagree with her, she’s pleasant), Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jeffery Toobin, Jamal Simmons, Richard WolffeHas more good days than bad ones: Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell,Jonathan Alter, Bob HerbertSucks to the suckiest: Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough, Wolf Blitzer, Campbell Brown, ANYONE ON FOX NOISE, Andrea Mitchell.

  11. Love…1.Roland Martin- almost everything he says I agree with, he has Christian values and an “everyman” quality about him2. michael eric dyson-something about unapologetic blackness appeals to me.the irony that most light skinned men seem to be so militant has not been lost on me…3. donna brazile- stephonopolous’ go-to black girl could use a new hair stylist, but she is confident in her intelligence,stiff curls be damned 4. anderson cooper-my silver fox, so passionate about certain issues, and so cute!Hold disdain for (hate is such a strong word)1.Ann Coulter2.Bill O’Reilly3. Tucker Carlson4.Rush Limbaugh (what an idiot)Love to hate1. James Carville-the way he stuck w/ Hillary to the end was sort of endearing, if not foolish. His tight eyes, bald head and southern accent hold a special place in my obama-lovin heart though. and we’re still waitin on that check…

  12. Snob, I have nothing cause I don’t have cable. But I do concur that talking heads are talking heads. No matter who you are or what you do; you are an capitalist by default; that means you have to get in where you fit in to make money for yourself. Pundits therefore; know the time.

  13. Love: Donna Brazile, Tanya Acker, Rachel Maddow, Michelle Bernard, Arianna Huffington, Keith Olbermann (love him to death), Dan Abrams, Eugene Roberts, Dana Novack,.Hate: Pat Buchanan ( he’s an idiot)Ann Coulter (don’t me started!). Michelle Bernard (such a hypocrite and has a nasty attitude)Lars LarsonMonica CrowleyLeslie SanchezThat Republican Startgiest with the white hair who be on verdict. Can’t think of his nameThat guy who used to work for Mitt Romney and looks just like him.Amy Holmes: She’s just sets me back so much I can’t stand her.Everybody at Fox news except maybe Gerardo Rivera Rev. Jesse Lee PetersonStar Parker-another hypocriteLarry Elder (You see I’m not all in to black conservatives)Tucker Carlson-I can’t stand him why haven’t they let him go yet!

  14. My quicklist:Love: Rachel Maddow (I love her personality–rather, what she allows us to see of it), Ms. Brazile, Keith O., Chris Matthews, Gwen Iffil, Eugene Robinson, Clarence P., Colbert, Stewart, and Lewis Black (even though he’s a comedian and not technically a pundit, his political thoughts can be on-point)Hate: the usuals–anybody on the Fox network, Stephanopoulos, Buchanan (although every once in a blue moon he can surprise me by saying something I agree with), David Gregory (Tim Russert wannabe), Campbell Brown (tries too hard–she seems so out of place in politics–and there’s something weird going on with her top lip)On the fence: Carville, Matalin (you have to take them together–they’re so cute), Dyson, Smiley, Dan Abrams (he tries too hard too–and he displays pesky and sometimes illogical persistence)

  15. Love none…there are those who aren’t horrible, but the very nature of “punditism” makes you want to hate them for what they do.Hate…well, there’s a lot out there to hate, but the tops on my list is a financial person, but he’s increasingly commenting on political/economic issues, and loudly at that…Lawrence Kudlow…what a self-promoting, substance-less pro-elite “Drill, Drill, Drill” for the oil companies hack. He talks smack about free market capitalism all the day long, and today, it’s nothing but free lunches/subsidies for the largest companies that need it least. What free market is that?Love and Hate Lou Dobbs…he’s right on when he talks about the powers that be forgetting about the middle and working class, but he’s losing it when he thinks our energy situation, much like Kudlow, can be solved overnight with some offshore drilling. Get a grip.Hate…Campbell Brown…why, why, why is she on the air?!Like…Anderson Cooper…at least most of his reports are somewhat in-depth.HATE…Ann Coulter…can we talk through our noise more?! Can we be a self-promoting hack any more! CAN WE POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT SHE EVEN BELIEVES WHAT SHE SAYS?! I think she goes home and rolls in her cash and laughs at the people who believe in her claptrap. Plus, has anyone noticed just how crippled she is by the hair tossing feminine game she plays?! She needs the hair to cover up her insecurities about her features and her own blatant self-promotion.

  16. My bad I wrote Michelle Bernard on my hate when I meant to say Michelle Malkin! So very sorry!

  17. can’t say i have a list of pundits i like…but i do have a list of those i don’t like…ann coulterrush limbaughmichelle malkinjesse jacksonpat o’reillyi’ve limited this to 5 as you asked but there are some more i don’t like…

  18. When Tiki mentioned this morning that he is skipping the All Star game for a Bon Jovi concert my mind was made up. There is a such thing as a perfect man. Keep hope alive ladies.

  19. OK, a week later…I LOVE me some:Rachel Maddow (because she’s a self-avowed “National Security liberal,” she makes a mean McCain joke, she’s wicked smaht, and she’s the gay bomb)Gwen Ifill (I’ve been loving on her a long time)Donna Brazile (because she’s very good at what she does and she will tear you a new one on CNN)Keith Olbermann (because he’s all “Good night, and good luck.”)and Eugene Robinson (because he’s beltway smart instead of beltway stupid– he’s like the politically-savvy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner who scolds you about remembering black history and reminds you Nixon wasn’t the worst administration after all)Hate (because i am a hater):Michelle Malkin (replace her with Amy Holmes)Wolf Blitzer (replace him with Anderson Cooper)Tweety (replace him with an animated sponge)James “Skeletor” Carville (replace him with Mar”kos” Moulitsas Zuniga)Christopher Hitchens (replace him with Katha Pollitt)fixed!

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