Smooth Moves With Rev. Jesse Jackson

In this latest episode of “Surrogates Gone Wild,” many seem to be fixated on Civil Rights Activist Jesse Jackson’s verbal desire to perform “The Nutcracker Suite” on Barack Obama’s manparts. It has something to do with the senator’s alleged “talking down” to black people, most likely related to Obama’s call to filial responsibility speech on Father’s Day and his desire to expand President Bush’s faith-based initiatives program. Some think black people need to hear some tough love on this issue. Others call this “tough love” the “Sister Souljah-ing” of black people for votes.

But that’s all moot. Yeah, Jesse doesn’t like how Barack is talking on this issue. I’m fine with that. But you discuss this while miked up for an interview at a FOX News affiliate?

You’d think the former Democratic presidential candidate and current civil rights activist would have learned a thing or three in-between “hymietown” and now. Unless you want to see it in print or hear it on the air, don’t say it near a recording device or a journalist. And he was on FOX News! A network who’s punditry/hosting class is none too fond of him and his “race hustling poverty pimp” ilk.

So seriously, Jesse? What was this? Senior moment? Ministroke? I’m not mad or anything because you probably inadvertently helped, Barack**. I’m just highly, highly confused.

You’re all over the TV now, stuttering out your heartfelt apologies, and I believe you when you say you’re sorry. Especially since you’ve endorsed the man and your son is riding shotgun on the Hope-Change express. But maybe you should consider not talking until November. A vow of silence. And you could dress up that vow all noble-like. Claim it’s in solidarity with the victims of the genocide in Darfur. You know? People who could use some help. That way when reporters ask you anything you can just point at the sign on your chest that says, “No Talking Until China Stops Supporting Murderers” and enjoy the rest of your day thinking up words that rhyme with “Janjaweed” while listening to R. Kelly’s “U Saved Me.”

**I can only imagine how confusing this was for some FOX viewers to hear Jesse Jackson say something that could be interpreted as bolstering Obama’s “boot-strap” credentials. The same Obama who’ve they’ve been told is some leftist, whitey-hating elitist. If Jesse Jackson is displeased with Barack what message does that send to bigots? Do they defend Jesse? Do they defend Barack? Will FOX even properly explain to them what they are supposed to make of this “Negro mess?”

12 thoughts on “Smooth Moves With Rev. Jesse Jackson

  1. Jesse Jack is just plain pathetic. Especially in that pic.I see his comment as a destiny type thing; the man needed to be exposed for who he was; a certified member of the Salty Beans Clan.

  2. get together: I don’t necessarily think he’s salty over Obama’s campaign (otherwise he’d be on the sidelines sitting next to Tavis). In fact, we really don’t know the context of the whole statement at all considering FOX has played up this bit-o-nuttin’ as an elaborate strip tease. And if it was about what I thought it was about I heard a-plenty grumbling from quite a few black people over the Father’s Day speech.Jesse’s flaw is that he said something he wanted to keep “in the family” when FOX News was around. He didn’t want this to be in the public domain. It doesn’t help him any. The only people benefiting from this are the people at FOX News, specifically Bill O’Reilly, who hates him. O’Reilly has been trying to kill Jesse all by himself for years now. He’s be so far unsuccessful, but every now and then Jesse provides him an assist.The O’Reilly Vendetta and FOX’s dislike for black Democrats should have been reason enough to NOT do this at a FOX News affiliate, even if you thought no one was listening, but some folks struggle with their mouth diarrhea. Much like Bill Clinton and Alec Baldwin, saying shit you don’t want other people to know about in front of recording devices is apparently part of Jesse’s personal Jihad.

  3. I actually think Jessie is angry at Barack because of that Father’s Day speech. I suppose Jessie (being the absentee baby daddy that he is) took it personally.

  4. Jesse is part of a dying breed of Civil Right leaders. He is your grandfather telling you what’s wrong with the world. He felt Barack was talking down to people.C’mon you have seen when your grandparents mistake your true meaning because it meant something else in their day.I say we all get together and get Jesse a rocking chair and a subscription to CNN. Let him rock himself to sleep and call into CSPAN at 4am.

  5. I think this was a master stroke of the highest magnitude. Use Idiotic Fox network against itself. Jessie is worse than Obama in the eyes of the average xenophobic Fox news watcher. So now Obama gets free brownie points from the racist set. Now all we need is for Farakhan to speak out against him saying that he’s harmful to Blacks and for Lil Wayne to rap that he’s a sell out and we’d have instant White House.Seriously, Why would Jessie even go on Fox unless he was going to play them like a violin? What good does it do for any sane person to associate themselves with Fox news unless they were actively trying to decieve people?Great job Jessie!!

  6. Sometimes a champ can stay in the ring a little longer than he should. Remember Ali getting his ass kicked by Larry Holmes in 81? That’s what Jessee is right now: he’s Jordan in his Wizards’ days. Or Joe Montana when he was playing for Kansas City. Just a former great who needs to have the good graces to disappear. May God forgive his failings and keep him close to the throne for his good works. But, that said, it’s in everyone’s best interests for Rev. Jackson to hit the exit door.And he should take Al with him…

  7. While I dont care for rupert Murdoch OR Ted Turner, I do find it odd that while out of the major networks, FOX has more folks of color then say CNN, it’s somehow this “GOP windpipe”dont care for Oreilly per sey, however Olberman seems equally a blowhard.Why the angst towards fox, but not say cnn?They both turned a blind eye and made profits off this unjust war

  8. anonymous: Actually, per a few media watch groups who keep track of this sort of things, CNN has the most diverse newscast, followed by FOX with MSNBC following dead last (and I mean dead. Their diversity is pale and paler). If you watch all three networks (as I sadly do) that becomes pretty obvious pretty quick. Especially since CNN has on at least one black, Hispanic or Asian for host/reporter every hour.Also it’s obvious that both would do better than MSNBC because MSNBC does not have full news schedule, so it has dramatically fewer reporters and hosts overall.Now as to why people tend to hate FOX it tends to have to do with the fact that CNN has one Lou Dobbs and FOX has Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and a string of not-so-subtle coincidences to show their displeasure towards the left. Like insisting on referring to the Democratic Party as the “Democrat Party,” playing the Jesse Jackson snippit without context (or relevance), the “Michelle Obama Baby Mama” comment, the “terrorist fist jab,” pulling juvenile pranks on air of reporters who write critical stories about their network, they hired Karl Rove, the fact that it’s the only network Dick Cheney will go on post the shit hitting the fan in Iraq, they’ve been playing Rev. Wright on the air since spring 2007, the fact they didn’t cover the Jena 6 march at all, etc., etc.It’s not CNN is some paragon of excellence towards women and minorities, because it isn’t. And ever since FOX’s formula for a mix of commentary, crass sensationalism and center-right reporting proved successful, CNN has shift to the right as well (see “Glenn Beck). But CNN at least makes half an effort to sometimes reign shit in. They aren’t mocking the competition so childishly like FOX and MSNBC are.And as a Liberal I am supposed to like MSNBC, but their news gathering is lacking despite being tied to NBC. And I’m a journalist first and I don’t like any news network that pushes opinion over principle and all three are pushing some version of “infotainment” now. FOX is simply the partisan originator.That … and if you’ve been paying attention at the Jackson-O’Reilly psychodrama, Bill-O has been trying to ruin Jackson for decades. Therefore it’s hard to take the man seriously when his vendettas are so obvious. Jackson is on that same shit list with George Sorors, Keith Olbermann and that guy who’s dad died in the Twin Towers, but thought the war was wrong.That’s why people hate FOX more.But yeah, they both did a crappy job covering the war. CNN only cares when shit hits the fan. FOX only cares when “the surge is working” but not enough to cover the million other issues surrounding the war. The war is complicated and journalists are lazy. They just want whatever makes good art.But that’s my POV!

  9. For Jesse Jackson to resort to uttering (or stuttering in his case) something that racists used to do when lynching black men just goes to show that Jackson is beyond his expiration date.I can’t believe he got so angry about Mr. Obama’s Father’s Day speech but considering Jackson has that little illegimate daughter out there I guess it stands to reason that a hit dog will holler

  10. Monie said… I actually think Jessie is angry at Barack because of that Father’s Day speech. I suppose Jessie (being the absentee baby daddy that he is) took it personally. July 10, 2008 11:26 PM_________________________________Pretty much. He needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Hating, lying, cheating hypocrite. Tired of him and the other “leaders” like him. *cough* Sharpton etc. *cough*

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