You’re A Shining Star No Matter Who You Are!

Snob readers are the best! The Black Snob was not only named the best new political blog by Black Politics On the Web, but it’s the best overall political blog as well!!!

The site also hit 90,000 visitors last month since I relaunched the blog (re: started updating it again) in January. And I’ll be on NPR again next week. (I must be doing something right!)

I want to thank all my fellow snobs for showing me some love and voting for me. You are all totally awesome and I say that from deep, deep within the cockles of my TJ Holmes loving heart. I’m glad that so many people enjoy the site. I enjoy writing it. So applause! Applause all around! I salute you! If we were in a bar, I would buy you all a drink, but we’re not in a bar and I’m too poor for such grandiose gestures.

So you’ll have to settle for kudos. Kudos, to you!

Yours truly in blackness,

Danielle aka “The Snob”

16 thoughts on “You’re A Shining Star No Matter Who You Are!

  1. CONGRATS!!!!!! I’m ashamed that I didn’t vote. I tried – TWICE- and both times my PC crashed. So I am glad the rest of your fans carried you through!!!! So proud!

  2. Congratulations Snob. I remember visiting as far back as a year ago and this blog has really evolved. You’ve put alot of time and effort into making this place a destination.Cheers!

  3. congrats blacksnob! i’m so happy that i have a vote that actually counted…keep up the great work…starrie

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