Come N’ Git Yer Fix!

Courtesy of Michelle Obama Watch, video of the “littlest” Obamas being insanely adorable. In a TV interview Malia and Sasha discuss being bored by their dad’s speeches and how Barack and Michelle have promised them a dog no matter what happens in the fall. Kids! Already masters at negotiation. Gotta love ’em!

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For more video, click here!

5 thoughts on “Come N’ Git Yer Fix!

  1. wng: I can’t listen to Malia and Sasha without hearing the voices of myself and my sisters when we were growing up. Sasha is SOOO much like the Baby Snob when it comes to finding everything boring. Malia makes me think of myself (she’s so smart, personable and chatty), but more often she reminds me of Big Sis, imbued with that oldest child, sense of honor thing that I totally did not get. I love anything that has to do with sisters, so I’m pretty over the moon for the lil’ Obamas.

  2. Ahhh the wee-michelles – SOOOO adorable. Can’t we please, please, have a funny, smart, cool family in the White House. Please?

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