When Obama Love Gets Kooky: Boobs 4 Barack

I received this from my SCAN regular contributor Stankoniferous. Its a NSFW Web site dedicated to women baring their breasts for Barack.

It’s called, and I’m not kidding, “Boobs For Barack.”

See? See? This is the shit that makes us all look batshit insane. Naked titties for Barack? Really? On one hand I have to give it to the creator of this site. Way to get a ton of attention and to get free pictures of naked ladies with “Yes We Can” written on their tits. Bravo, perv. Bravo. But on the other hand, this is crass exploitation and not really about Barack Obama. This is about a “fad” called Obamamania. This is an individual exploiting horny, boob loving people and women with a taste for exhibition and Obamamaphilia.

But since everyone appears to be of age (I hope), and because I think nudity can be beautiful and because this is probably the least porny pictures of boobs, I guess I’m almost OK with it. The site, after all, kind of silly and a little weird. But now I’m concerned that someone will start making Obama fetish porn where little sex plays are set up with porn actors portraying Obama campaign volunteers who get it on with some black porn star who calls himself Big Cock O-gasm, who have a three-way while screaming “Yes we can!” in ecstasy.

Crap. I wrote that on-line. Now it’s destined to happen. This is when Obama love goes too far, people! Too far, I say!

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