It’s A Snob’s, Snob’s, Snob’s World!


First things first, I realize it is pretty obvious that I changed the banner and reshuffled the sidebars to make it easier to find my contact info, profile and the various other places I either publish additional articles or republish articles from here.

I may do some more tinkering with the banner, but this is much closer to the look I want for the page until I muster up enough the time and money to invest in a more professional look. (Let me know what you think via the banner and the layout via email or by commenting below).

I signed up with FeedBurner, so now blog updates are available via email. In the networking box on the left side you’ll find a variety of feeds you can use to subscribe to the blog on.

I’ve started writing original posts for author Cintra Wilson’s Dregublog. The latest is on black hair, specifically Michelle Obama’s hair, and why the First Lady cannot rock an afro (Click here to read “The Hot Comb Bible.”) I also wrote an earlier piece is on interracial dating from the viewpoint of black women and Asian men (“The Unf*ckables“).

Her blog is kind of an outlet for my … err, less politically correct musings. Not that I’m holding back here. Gosh no. But The Snob blog has its thing, like SCAN has its thing and now the Dregublog has my randier side.

On her blog I play the role of blackness ambassador, something I’m strangely familiar with as I’ve always felt like some cultural anthropologist explaining to non-black people about the ways of black folk. (Mostly because I’ve been the token of at least five workplaces now.) I don’t recommend taking on this endeavor unless you’re really patient, have a thick skin and can be coolly detached from the subjects you’re discussing.

Oh, and you should have the ability to suppress eye-rolling.

It’s like being a therapist, only it’s about race. I talked about it some when I was on the radio on Monday. It’s all part of a book I’m working on, a factually based work of satire about black people, somewhat based on my Secret Council of American Negroes blog (which I seriously need to develop more). I will report on the status of the book as time marches on.

Yours truly in blackness,

The Snob.

4 thoughts on “It’s A Snob’s, Snob’s, Snob’s World!

  1. You clearly have patience, something that despite being 1 of like 5 sistas living in Maine, I lack. Yeah, being a blackness ambassodor requires the patience of a saint. Big ups to you.

  2. blackgirl: Maine? That is tough. Do we need to start taking up a collection so you can take a week’s vacation in Atlanta? Or the Carolinas? Or one of the many black islands in the Caribbean? Because I’ll start passing around the plate, honey. I lived in Midland, TX and Bakersfield, Calif. where there was nary a Negro in sight. I feel your pain.

  3. Yeah, I need to get out of here for real! I am not a native Mainer, originally from Chi-town so yeah this place is culture shock on a grand scale. If it wasn’t for the net, I would lose my mind up here. LOL

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