This “Yaw’s Boy’s” Thug Life

Whenever I get down on St. Louis politics I can bring myself up by saying five little words — “At least we’re not Detroit.”

I can’t tell you how glad I am that we don’t have Kwame “The Thugnificent” Kilpatrick as our mayor. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay may be too beholding to outside business interests and neglects the needs of the black community, but he’s not on CNN once a week with reporters reading out-loud his text message sexcapades.

Of course if he were it would be a lot easier to get signatures for his recall, but he’s not our mayor so praise Jesus or Buddha or Jehovah or Allah. I’m just glad his ugly maw isn’t taking up space on my TV every night as he tries to justify firing the officer who was investigating him for being America’s Top Thug Mayor.

Like Suge Knight with a popular vote mandate, Kilpatrick sucked up all the goodwill of his constituents who I imagine are all pretending like they never voted him into office. Black people are known for being highly supportive of fellow blacks in high places, but this went above and beyond the ability to make excuses for bad, bad behavior. Much like how I was amazed people could still find defenses for R. Kelly, I don’t get anyone who’s still piggy-packing Kilpatrick. The rank smell from the man’s proclivities have started to even overwhelm his mother’s reelection campaign for the House of Representatives.

She ran unopposed in her last election. Now she’s in a heated battle with an opponent who happily plays sound bites from Mama Kilpatrick’s defense of her Thugnificent son. At the end of the ad opponent Mary Waters argues that Detroit deserves better than “yaw’s boy.”

If you want a good laugh (or cry, whatever you feel like doing) over this, check out this Discuss Detroit comment thread on Waters’ “Yaw’s Boy” commercial.

My favorite comments were the responses to a commenter who lambasted black people who call out other black people on their bad behavior in public. He or she was targeting Waters for producing an ad that made Mama, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, look batshit insane. Contrary to the critic, most thought this attack was highly appropriate.

“The education system in (Detroit Public Schools) has built up KING KWHYME’s following as that of a cult like figure who has risen up. It’s like a Hip-Hopera Y’all!” wrote one commenter.

A Hip-Hopera, indeed.

If this becomes a movie will Suge Knight’s parole officer free him up to play Kilpatrick? Ving Rhames would be good, but he’s too old. Jesse L. Martin is too good looking, but hell, it’s Hollywood. Let’s pretend Kwame’s good looking. Vivica Fox could play Christine Beatty, his text message freak-a-zoid. Someone call Tyler Perry, stat!

But I digress, Waters’ commercial hit job should win an award for best usage of archival video in a negative campaign ad to pithily hang your rival with their own words. But of course some people (like R. Kelly supporters) don’t seem to understand that you don’t have to back someone after they’ve actually done wrong. Once you have eight felony counts on your head like Kilpatrick, black people should feel free to disassociate themselves from him and his black person status.

Or in other words, you’re SOL, My Fair Negro. Best of luck to you in prison.

12 thoughts on “This “Yaw’s Boy’s” Thug Life

  1. When I was in the Navy,I took crap for the high crime rate, and I sucked up crap for the Lions. I Never thought I would take crap for my F*%&ed -up Mayor! I never thought I would miss Coleman Young!

  2. This Kwame Kilpatrick business is unreal! Talk about pathology amongst some black folk. I can’t even talk about Robert Kelly w/out a potential aneurysm (sp?), so I’m not saying anything anymore.

  3. “Whenever I get down on St. Louis politics I can bring myself up by saying five little words — “At least we’re not Detroit.”I say the exact same thing when it comes to DC’s politics. Marion Barry was bad, but hell, even he wasnt (um, isnt?) as ballsy as this dude is. He really needs to sit down and STFU. I can believe hes going to do his mothers campaign in. Shame on him!L

  4. My condolences, Kirk. But I’ll say it again, very happy this fool is not the mayor of St. Louis. We already allegedly have the second highest crime rate in the country. (And I still think that’s inflated. We’re in the top 20 but we shouldn’t No. 2! How did we beat Chicago AND East St. Louis? Very confusing._Our first black mayor, Freemon Mosley Jr., he didn’t do anything near as messed up as Kilpatrick and he still got run out of office. I always thought folks really had nothing to complain about regarding Bosley and this Kilpatrick situation further solidifies that view.Lola: I never thought any big city black mayor would top Marion Barry, but he can rest peacefully now. Kwame has gone above and beyond getting caught up in a hotel room crack cocaine sting. That feels like a lifetime away.

  5. Snob,From the very beginning of this I have thought Christine Beatty got a bad deal. Why is it that the woman in these scandals always takes the real punishment?Christine is out of a job and is now a woman who now apparently has a bad reputation.Kwame still has a job and even though he did everything she did no one thinks of him as a slut, freak, etc.This is nothing new; just look at Bill Clinton’s intern and the problems she’s had since the incident.And there are examples all through history of the woman getting a raw deal.I don’t think Christine is an innocent but I think the bulk of the punishment ought to be suffered by the elected official.

  6. Monie: People tend to attack and punish the women in these sort of situations more so than the men. People are still (amazingly) making excuses for Kwame, just as people continue to make excuses for countless others men of power who get caught. Women still don’t get the same sexual license when it comes to messing around. Especially in high profile messing around such as this. Kwame is the real story (which is why Christine got only one line in my post). I don’t understand people who would talk about her as anything more than an accessory to Kwame’s thugnacious criminality. People really should just leave her alone. She didn’t make any promises to Mrs. Kilpatrick, Mama Kilpatrick or the City of Detroit.If folks want to be salty there is only one person to blame.

  7. (Sigh)Snob,Yes, our mayor is being investigated as well. Mayor Sheila Dixon, the first black female elected to run the city of Baltimore is being investigated by a grand jury for allegedly steering no-bid contracts to her then boyfriend while serving as city council president. It is also suggested that she received several gifts (fur coats) as a result of such steering.While this has failed to make the MSM, it is all the buzz in the news here. I don’t know what the eff is going on but I guess I’m naive. I just wish our leaders would operate above the usual crap.(sigh)

  8. Great post. This is eerily similar to the “Pied Piper” trial and subsequent acquittal. It’s disgusting that so many people defend this kind of behavior, as many of the previous posters mentioned. Thank goodness I’m not from Detroit because I wouldn’t want a mayor like that running my hometown.

  9. @KirkUm, no dear, Kwame is still worse because even though the city asked, hell, TOLD him to leave office, he wont! At least Barry knew when to get the hell out. And when to come back again, lol.L

  10. I used to clown on DC for the “crackhead” but until Kilpatrick and City “Clownsil” I get calls all the time with the same comment, what in the hell is going on in the D? At least Barry spent his own money on the crack and not 9 MILLION Dollars that Detroit does not have. KK needs to go but the electorate in the US will put him back in under the guise of “Black Power”

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