You Know You’re Big News When …

You can get to the top of CNN’s front page by doing nothing at all.

Former President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama talked by phone Monday morning, the Obama campaign and a Clinton spokesman said.

Obama “had a terrific conversation with President Clinton and is honored to have his support in this campaign,” said campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

Never has so little meant so much.

More and more this wall-to-wall, “Does Bill hate Obama, check yes, no or maybe” drama is causing me some pause as to the news judgment of CNN political reporter Candy Crowley and her producers. This is all too similar to the great Hilary Duff/Lindsay Lohan/Ashlee Simpson wars from over a few years back.

Or for us Negroes, the continued drama of Tameka Foster, Usher and Usher’s mom. Or Beyonce versus two-fourths of the original Destiny’s Child. Or Shaq v. Kobe, Part 123,784 — Shazam’s Rap Revenge. Sigh. Never have two more unappealing people carried on one pointless feud for so, so long.

Yet despite Kobe’s amazing arrogance, I still hate Shaq more. I can’t forgive his near uselessness as he is one of the most overrated NBA centers this side of Bill Walton. But he’s tall and takes up space so bully for him. Let’s ignore that he couldn’t win anything without Kobe or Dwayne Wade and the many other people who could shoot, run, pass, defend and make free throws.

4 thoughts on “You Know You’re Big News When …

  1. Kobe cmon is a snitch, that’s truly unforgivable. I am a Laker fan by birth here and Kobe getting in trouble and saying Shaq doesn’t get in trouble for doing it is the definition of a SNITCH! I agree with you on a lot of things.None of the feuds seem to be worth keeping up with except to pass the time while waiting on the weather or the traffic report in the morning.Love the Blog!Freeman P.

  2. freemanpress: While Kobe outing Shaq as being a habitual adulterer was tacky, I still hate Shaq the most out of the two. I just … I’ve always hated Shaq. I can’t repeat enough about how overrated he is. The man is average at best.And I’m glad you like the blog.torrance: There is going to be a lot of grinning and gnashing of teeth. The tension between Clinton and Obama is palpable, but I still don’t think it’s worth the wall-to-wall coverage the cable news networks have given it. Their obsession with the “High School Confidential” nature of the presidential campaign is bordering on irresponsible.

  3. The Shaq vs Kobe thing is VERY tired. These days people are sitting at home with no electricity and no money for gas to get to work. It’s hard to care about what those two mega millionaires think about each other. And Larry Brown showed the world how simple it is to negate Shaq. Simply make him play 3 possessions in a row while using the whole play clock. The big man has always been out of condition. I wont even get into dude not moving his feet in the post.

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