An Hour With The Snob

3 thoughts on “An Hour With The Snob

  1. All-around good interview, Snob. Thanks for schooling folks. Hopefully we can move away from the perpetuation of stereotypes and get down to the business of understanding each other. –And this goes for *all* of us. I’m not a fan of Clarence Thomas’ voting record as a member of the Supreme Court, but I totally agree with you about his life otherwise. I think he’s fascinating as well and is totally misunderstood. I understand the views–both pros and cons–on both sides of the affirmative action issue, and can indeed understand some of his points.Based on the comments and other encouragement you’ve received both during that interview and here on your blog, I hope you feel you have the momentum you need to finish the book.

  2. tamra: Thanks. I’ve always had a good feeling about the book (and the interest people would have in it.) Plus it would be partly satirical, so it might get a few laughs.

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