The Snob … On the Radio … About Race! (Update)


Some new developments in Snob-land. I’m going to be on the radio at 11 a.m., Monday, June 30, to talk about black people, black issues and black culture at our local NPR station, KWMU 90.7, on the campus of University of Missouri – St. Louis.

As usual, I’m working on a book (when am I not working on a book?), but instead of one of my many novels, this will be a book based somewhat on my Secret Council of American Negroes blog. It’s a satire book. Don’t get excited! I haven’t sold it to anyone and it’s NOT finished. But it’s based on what I’m going to be talking about on the radio, which is “everyday blackness,” a thing most non-black people are not very astute about, but in the Obama era, folks could use a quick brush up on.

That said, this is a LOCAL broadcast. If you’re not in the St. Louis City/County area it won’t be heard. But if there is a link to it that I can post on my blog I will post it. If not … um … maybe someone will record it and post it. You never know. Any of you St. Louis readers know how to do that? Because I totally do not.

Never mind! Monie provided a link KWMU has for live-feeds. She’s obviously not as lazy as me.

Yours truly in blackness,

The Snob.

6 thoughts on “The Snob … On the Radio … About Race! (Update)

  1. Cool Blog. Mind if I add you to my bloggroll?I am a writer living in Harlem and writing a book on St. Nicholas Place, the street I live on. It’s called “The Last Block in Harlem.”I post a new chapter each day. If you have time, I’d love some feedback from you. Start with Chapter 1 if you can. Always looking for writers to network with. I like your voice.-Stal

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