The Snob on NPR … Listen to Me Ramble!

The Snob was on NPR’s News and Notes June 25 talking about a new poll on prejudice, what makes a person legally black, and whether Affirmative Action is necessary.

You can hear me explain how I personally benefited from Affirmative Action as McDonnell Douglas wasn’t exactly hiring black folks with engineering degrees before the early 1970s. This gave Papa Snob a fair shot even if most the white men he worked with didn’t have a degree in shizz-net. Suddenly folks had standards for box designers when Affirmative Action came along.

But that’s how the cookie crumbled almost forty years ago. That job sent three daughters to college and our mom never had to work. Mission accomplished. I feel you can debate how it should be done now, but folks shouldn’t forget how it was before, when Supreme Court judges Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Clarence Thomas left law school and all three struggled to get a job as an attorney because no one wanted to hire two chicks and a spade.

It’s supposed to be about giving qualified people a chance to get their foot in the door. Not “quotas,” which are illegal, or giving unqualified people work over qualified people. There is something most foul how my father needed a degree to get his job, but many men he encountered at Mac never set foot in an university. That was what needed fixing. So it is fine to debate the program’s merits now, but let’s not get it twisted. Women and minorities had a hard time finding work, even with advanced degrees, before it.

And now I step down from my soap box.

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