Name That Rapper!

Black Snob regular Isonprize posted this to me under my threat on AverageBro’s live-blogging of the BET Awards.

(E)ither Jay-Z got better lookin’ or I just forgot what Jay-Z looks like, cause that ain’t Jay-Z.

Is that Jay-Z??? Or maybe I got a pair of them glasses in that commercial … Damn.

Watch the above video on the Barack Obama’s second time on the cover of Rolling Stone and skip to 1:09 minutes into the video.

Fellow Snobs, that dude is not Jay-Z, but I haven’t followed hip hop closely since the Shiny Suit Era. So I ask you … name that rapper! Or singer, I have no clue who that dude is but he is NOT, not I tell you, JAY-Z!

As Isonprize pointed out that man, for one, is not ugly enough to be Jay-Z. They don’t call the man “Camel Joe” just for poops and giggles. And for twosees, damn, what the hell, NBC? The Today Show is made in New York. Jay-Z proclaimed himself the King of New York like, I don’t know, five minutes after the Shiny Suit Era ended with Biggie’s death when Jay started committing heresy by referring to himself as Jay-Hovah (H-to-the-Izz-Oh!) and rapping to lyrics from the Broadway musical “Annie.”

I realize the folks producing The Today Show may not listen to hip hop and might not know who Jay is (even though they reported on his wedding to Beyonce, and Beyonce and Jay have been on the show), but that is NOT AN EXCUSE! I didn’t know shit about country music, but as an entertainment reporter in Bakersfield I hung out at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace anyway. Yeah, I couldn’t pick Trisha Yearwood out of a line-up, but I wasn’t too ashamed to Googling her!

That said, Camel Joe and his lady love can be none too pleased about this latest snubbing. If they’d confused him with Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Jay could defend himself with the egotastic rebuttle of “I’m better looking than that MFer, ya heard?” But to use a far more handsome man? Gadzooks, NBC. That’s cold-hearted.

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  1. For those wondering ‘what the hell?’ The NBC video now has a picture of Jay-Z where the pic of Joe Budden used to be. Wonder why/when they made the switch?

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