Name That Rapper Solved!

The jury has spoken!

Wednesday Isonprize sent The Snob a clip from The Today Show where they threw up a picture of rapper they said was Jay-Z but who clearly was not Jay-Z, largely due to the fact he did not look like Camel Joe. He actually looked, dare I say it, handsome. Who on earth could NBC offend by not being to tell the difference between him and Jay-Z?

Joe Budden! You’re that rapper! Be offended! NBC thinks you and Jay are one in the same!

I, who hasn’t paid attention to hip hop since the Shiny Suit Era, only recognized Budden for his hit “Pump It Up,” but had never seen the video or a picture of him. But after doing a little research (re: Googling), I learned that Budden should be offended by this snafu on so many levels, as Budden dissed Jay and told him he needed to retire already last December.

“It was disrespectful, but it was a diss with a point: Stop rapping. Hang it up,” Budden said as he explained the reason for the dis. “You’re getting paid to be a president. Be a president. We loved you as a rapper. One of the best to ever do it. Now it’s time to do some other things.”

“Everybody is calling American Gangster a concept album. It’s a Jay-Z album,” he continues. “He’s talking about the same exact sh*t he’s talking about on Reasonable Doubt. Where’s the concepts? He just needed something to attach it to, which he did. He needs to be a president and start putting out some fucking artists.”

Um … I agree! I’ve been saying this since “Hard Knock Life.” Since Jay “retired” a few years back. But then, I’m not a Jay-Z fan. I’m one of those individuals who thinks Jay would rank a lot lower on the NYC rapper list if Biggie hadn’t died and Mace, who I also don’t like, hadn’t found Jesus. But that’s just me. What do I know?

I do know one thing though … Joe Budden should diss NBC on an underground mixtape. That’s just unforgivable. Dude isn’t no where near has hideous as Mr. Hawaiian Sophie.

Thank you all for playing the “Name That Rapper” game!

6 thoughts on “Name That Rapper Solved!

  1. Ha Ha!Lord somebody finally stopped kissing Jigga’s ass long enough to realize that the man hasn’t made anything of note in years.Too bad it was Joe Budden though. Anyway, I’ve never understood why people rank Mase so high on the best rapper list.He always sounded to me like he’d just woken up like somebody needed to hit him an espresso laced with amphetamines so he could sound lively.Dr. Mason Betha’s sermons can probably cure insomnia.

  2. I don’t understand how they could mistake Joe for Jay. The crazy thing is that even if one person made the mistake, there were others at the station that got a chance to edit and they didn’t notice either. Is this another case of white people thinking that all black people look alike? Crazy!

  3. Politics, Pop Culture and Pretentiousness….Add to that. WHAT? Investigative Journalism!!Joe and Jay? We most assuredly DO NOT all look alike.

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