On The Radio!

I’m going to be on NPR’s News and Notes today with Michael Fauntroy of MichaelFauntroy.com and My Urban Report (the source of my TJ Holmes talkin’ bout himself footage). We’ll be discussing racial bias, religion and politics, what makes a person “legally” black and whether or not America still needs Affirmative Action. I’ll be going on the air around 12:20 p.m. Check your local listings for when News and Notes airs. If you miss it, I will post a link to the broadcast later today!

Correction: I originally had the wrong guests listed in this posts.

One thought on “On The Radio!

  1. I just heard you on news and notes black bloggers roundtable. Thats big. Congrats. I especially liked hearing you repped the lou. I work at UMSL so when she said KWMU I was like “Damn she across the street” LOL. It gives me some inspiration to dust off my old blog from many years ago with just two post. Anyway I’m keeping my eye on the blogs and looking for my secret society membership card soon. God bless and holla.PS I copied and pasted this on BP too. Im soo hood. LOL.

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