The Way We Were

The news broke today that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are trying to bury the proverbial hatchet out of the inevitable fact that their political fortunes are intertwined.

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s campaign announced Friday that he will campaign with former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton next week, a step toward unifying a fractured Democratic Party after a bruising primary fight. … Obama and Clinton also plan to meet in Washington with some of her top contributors in an effort to calm donors who remain frustrated with Obama’s presidential campaign. The former first lady will introduce Obama to her financial backers.

They’re going to start campaigning together June 27 because political realities deem it so.

He wants to be president. She needs a Democrat in the White House. After all, whether it would be true or not, if Barack falls short some are going to point their fingers at her and she doesn’t need that albatross hanging around her neck.

But this feel good-will tour is not going to kick off overnight. Heads and heels need to cool. And both camps need to debate how they can do this thing with class. So far the Obamas have done their part by talking up Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments and the Clintons have done their part by not talking at all.

(Side note: I especially find it hilarious that the media, which was screaming for the Clintons to get out of the way for months now is now wondering where she and Bubba went. I’m really starting to think that co-dependent relationship Chris Matthews has with them is unhealthy.)

That said, in honor of this almost/maybe Obama-Clinton lovefest, in the name of getting a “D” in the White House, I’m sharing a photo retrospective of the good times before Jesse Jackson this and you’re likable enough, Hillary that.

Ah, memories.

Ah … remember? And then they decided they both wanted to be president so they then decided to try to kill one another, eventually polarizing their voting bases. C’est la vie!

One thought on “The Way We Were

  1. all i have to say is i hope obama hires a food taster when he and hills are in the room together…and not together…

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