Naomi Campbell Lives to Abuse Another Day

She went nuts in Heathrow and all she got was 200 hours of community service.

The Brits are calling it a bad case of “air rage,” or Naomi Campbell’s Amazonian world that would be called “everyday rage.”

She was ordered to pay 200 pounds ($400) to each of the police officers she attacked and 150 pounds ($300) to Miles Sutherland, the captain of the British Airways plane she disrupted, in addition to a 2,300 pound ($4,600) fine.

She could have received six months’ jail time and a heavy fine for the six offenses stemming from a violent spat in April with British Airways cabin crew and police who removed her from a flight in handcuffs while waiting on the tarmac at Heathrow.

Prosecutors said Campbell used foul language, kicked and spat at police, accused airline personnel of racism and threatened to sue them after she was told that one of her bags had not been placed on the flight to Los Angeles in April.

Seriously, she attacked some cops over a piece of luggage. Let’s not blame “air rage.” That’s like saying all those assistants and maids’ faces got in the way of the flying phone.

My favorite part of the story is where she accuses the airline and the police of being racist, targeting her because she’s “black and famous.” Mind you, she wanted the pilot to delay take-off to find her luggage and that she wasn’t the only passenger who’s bags were misplaced.

But I still love her. I just never want to work for her and I never want to be her airline pilot.

5 thoughts on “Naomi Campbell Lives to Abuse Another Day

  1. She needs:1. Jail time2. A beatdown. I don’t mean any prissy ‘girly’ fight, I mean hoodrats beating her ass and putting her in the hospital kind of beatdown. she hasn’t learned that you don’t put your hands on other folks. It’s happened too many times for it to be unforunate. It’s deliberate and she has to learn it. A swift lesson.

  2. There is a definite pattern here and it’s only a matter of time, before we hear about the wrath of Naomi again. She sure isn’t helping the angry black woman stereotype.

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