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The Village Voice’s Runnin’ Scared blog gave a wrap up of opinions on Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View. While some think the appearance was great and offered la femme Obama a chance to counter accusations that she’s some angry mutant Amazonian black woman, others saw it as “dull” and “cringeworthy.”

The Post, on the other hand, describes the appearance as “lame.” Andrea Peyser writes, “It was as painful as a root canal to watch Michelle try so hard to show her feminine side. She mainly succeeded in looking bored and superior.” This “bored and superior” claim is juxtaposed with a picture of Obama giving the “fist bump” to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Obama is smiling and giddy. The paper also runs down a list of “Highlights and lowlights” that include her “Most cringe-worthy moment” (a tie between the pantyhose comment and when she brushed some lint off Matthew Broderick’s shoulder) and “Proof positive the Obamas are not Muslim” (in which Obama declares that the Obama family are “bacon people!” at breakfast).

I swear. Haters. Total haters. I stand by my original assessment. She looked great and did great. Take the cynicism down a couple notches, Ms. Andrea Peyser. It’s the freakin’ View. Not “60 Minutes.” And she dusted lint off of Matthew Broderick, not the Queen of England. Haters, I swear!

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  1. I thought she was deliciously fabulous! I’m surprised that she didn’t get nailed on the fact that MB’s baby favored Obama. Michelle O looked good, was poised as usual, and Snob; people who look for fault will find it, so screw ’em.They’re too busy drinkin’ Haterade anyhow!

  2. I DVRed it and watched the episode when I got home from work. I thought that Michelle was lovely.I also thought, when she brushed the lint off of MB’s shoulder, “Thank you. Now get him to change his socks, Michelle.”I just think that the people that don’t like her are always going to find something to support their cause. They’ve got their jeer-goggles on.

  3. First time commenting here.As for the assertions that she was boring, I think that is an absolutely fabulous thing. If the haters are saying that, then she was soo flawless, that they couldn’t find one thing to criticize. Calling her superior, makes me believe, that they questioned their own character after seeing a bw be more poised than they know they would have been. The best negative thing they could invoke, was that she appeared bored and therefor rude to her co-hosts. Now that is amazing! She will be a great role model for young black girls (and all girls really) everywhere. Even if Barack doesnt win, people will be using her (and his) image as an example for years to come.

  4. Having Michelle was really “nothing” special for me because I saw her speak in person. Now that was exciting. I know that it is a great publicity event for her and I believe it worked. Boring or not, people are talking and they ‘aint saying bad stuff. If “boring” is as bad as it gets, let’s take it! I thought Whoopi Goldberg’s comments about Michelle being a positive image for “dark black women” was worth am Emmy nod!Seriously

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