Celtics Gone Wild!

5 thoughts on “Celtics Gone Wild!

  1. I know this is late, I did a post for the Celtics too, come check it out.And to be honest, I didnt see many Celtics that Id like to see with fewer clothes on, but hey, thats just me, lol.L

  2. I’m a thinker. I don’t care for sports talk when the players I can’t identify with. It don’t mean shit to me. Arthur Ashe…he was committed to more than hitting a ball. Bill Russell was more committed to throwing balls through hoops. I approached Eton Thomas about Uppity Negro I he clammed up but he was so proud of his poetry. What? Are you going to shift paradigms with a poem? Get the fuck outta’ here with that bullshit!So I can get with the sports interest. Shamika Holdsclaw supported by getting a shirt from me while I was set up at on Capital Hill. I thought she was different after that because she showed she cared more about taking the easy route. But that there even told me about where they were. They are not fighting wars but we celebrate them like they are fighters. Get the fuck outta here!Until I see a movement of education about their luck and duty to serve, I don’t want to hear about some toy-drive or tennis shoes for kids. And I don’t wanna’ hear about a poetry reading sensitive ball dribbler.

  3. i live in boston…it would be ok with me if they all kept their shirts on…that is all…

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