The Celtics Become the Champs

I expected the LA Lakers to lose, but damn … that was embarrassing.

Even though I’m a Lakers fan, I felt the Celtics deserved some rings. Not because I’m huge Celtics fan, but Kobe has three rings and Los Angeles has not suffered such a drought as Boston. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen didn’t have jack until last night. They wanted it more and they got it. But dude? To lose 131-92? Where’s your pride, LA? Where’s your freakin’ pride?

Despite the loss I will not dump my fake Laker boyfriend, incognegro point guard Jordan Farmar. But I may start fake dating Paul Pierce on the side.

8 thoughts on “The Celtics Become the Champs

  1. I’m so happy for the Celtics mainly because those brothers worked hard, they worked TOGETHER, and they deserved it. Plus their coach is black and I wanted the brother to have some job security next year…I like the Lakers but I’m not a Kobe fan. I think that he’ll never win another championship without someone elses help. Don’t know who it will be but someone needs to drill the teamwork concept in his head and he’d be much better off. Even Jordan couldn’t do it without Pippen and Rodman…In the immortal words of Pebbles, “It takes two to make a thing go right.” Was that Pebbles?

  2. Kobe needs a decent number two. The Celtics were simply to tough as a defensive unit and the Lakers defense could barely last past the first quarter. And Pau Gasol, while being a good center, could not match KG’s speed and other defenders like Perkins pushed his skinny as around like a shower curtain. And you’re thinking of girl group Seduction on “It Takes Two.”

  3. Go Celtics!!!!!! :)I don’t know, I’m kind of torn b/w fake dating Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen. That Allen is a total cutie! And Garnett, you know, he’s the “emotional center” of the team. I like a man who’s not afraid to cry at movies and can’t stop thanking his mom!!

  4. Hahahaha!! Boston to victory!!What’s Spanish for “I told you this would happen!”, Snob? LOLYeah, the Celtics hustled the entire playoffs. I feel their win was well deserved. The Pierce/Garnett/Allen trifecta is solid. I’m not an LA fan and hate Kobe so I’m grinning with joy over the outcome! Damn …now that I think of it, The Lakers are kind of like Kobe Bryant & The Pips, huh?It’s funny Redstar mentioned having a crush on Ray Allen. He actually was a star player here in Connecticut back in the day. He actually came to the East Hartford Showcase Cinemas (now closed) for the premiere of “He Got Game”, the Spike Lee picture in which he starred in alongside Denzel Washington. I didn’t go to the premiere but my sister did and she said that he was a nice guy. (And that Spike is the size of a bug!)And speaking of obscure girl groups, Ray Allen is actually married to one of the girls of the mid-’90s Motown group, Shades. Remember that song, “I’ll Be Around”? Talking about trying to scheme a baller? Yup, that group. I guess honey made good on her promise! LOL

  5. Yayyyy! Go Boston! The Lakers are the Dallas Cowboys/Yankees of Basketball!But I honestly thought they were gonna do better than that!-from a Finals Fan

  6. Omigosh, I was giddy watching the game last night. Like the rest of you, I think Kobe is an arrogant bastard, and the shadow of the rape accusation will forever hang over him. The Celtics whooped the Lakers, and I felt it was total karma. I say this without even liking Boston that much. When I was little the Celtics were like the “white man’s” basketball team because of Bird and McHale. And it didn’t help matters that when I was little I watched a TV film about how the racist whites of Boston tried to firebomb buses of black schoolchildren in the 1970s when efforts were made to finally desegrate the schools there. Oy Vey.

  7. Nadra – I may be an over-emotional optimist about my city’s racist past, but I think we are definitely working up here to change the impression of the city. We’ve a minority-majority city now, with strong immigrant identification and neighborhood identification, but we’ve definitely still got some ways to go, including really changing the perceptions of this place.I was at the Red Sox game last year when Garnett threw out the first pitch, and the fans went absolutely wild, and his arrival has launched all sorts of introspection about whether or not the city’s environment has become more hospitable for black Athletes (consensus so far: yes). I grew up here but moved away and am only back 4 years and still getting to know the city again…Right now the Celtics are on getting ready for a victory parade through the city and it’s so exciting seeing all the fans in the street, the players on the screen getting mad accolades, and Gov. Patrick coming on decked out in gear thanking the team and celebrating the city and the state. Good times.And though I originally thought I might fake date that cutie Ray Allen, my heart’s telling me I really belong to Kevin Garnett.Sorry for the excited rambling over here…

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