Nooooo! Not Tiger! Why? Why?

Seems Tiger Woods’ spirit to win didn’t bode well for his bum knee. His season is dunzo.

Earlier this week, he fought through the pain and pushed it to 19 holes to win the US Open, his 14th major, but that was against his doctor’s orders. Now he needs surgery on that same knee, again, to repair the damage.

I just know the folks with the PGA are salty. He’s their rainmaker and now he’s out for the rest of the season. No Tiger at the British Open. No Tiger at the FedEx Cup. (And he’s the point leader!) Who will be the savior of golf? Who! Phil Mickelson? The man’s a walking NASCAR pile-up. Welcome to the lost season of where not a damn thing mattered. Maybe John Daly will put down the wine, whiskey, women and song and make a run for it.

That said, did anyone see the lil’ “Tiger cub,” Sam Alexis? I’m a sucker for cute babies and she’s a cute baby. I also liked when wife of Tiger, Elin, tried to take the little kiddo back from Tiger she immediately reached for her daddy as he basked in the afterglow of major win number 14.

And she was wearing money-making red too. She knew it was payday!

5 thoughts on “Nooooo! Not Tiger! Why? Why?

  1. That baby is super cute… I hope she stays that way with those parents. I don’t think his wife is particularly pretty (though I can see where she’s BEAUTIFUL next to him)… But as mathematics goes, negative x negative = positive.

  2. How do you get a torn ACL playing golf? LOL I mean they just walk around right? Lol That’s like getting a torn ACL while going to get the mail.What am I missing?!Monie

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  4. Sam Alexis is absolutely adorable. I liked that part to when Tigers wife reached for the lil girl and she–Sam– wanted to go back to daddy. lol That was cute i thought.

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