Michelle Obama Charms On ‘The View’

Yahoo’s TV Guide did lie to me. Elizabeth Hasslebeck was totally there for Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View today. She happily put her fist out as Michelle gave everyone a “terrorist fist jab,” then joked about not being hip. Her co-hosting gig was largely drama free with the exception of her description of Barack as being “empathetic” sounded like “pathetic” to Whoopi, et al. But that was cleared up immediately.

Everyone was friendly, minding their Ps and Qs . Whoopi made a point to “clear up” the “proud of my country” comments, then praised her for being a gorgeous darker brown black woman providing contrast to the gold-tooth wearing mush-mouths who pop up on the local evening news.

Michelle looked gorgeous in a sleeveless, patterned dress from White House Black Market. Since this is The View, they spent a few moments discussing Michelle’s sleeveless style and her eschewing of pantyhose. Michelle neatly explained that as a 5’11” woman, pantyhose is a painful experience where they rip and never fit right.

Hell, I’m only 5’3″ and I agree, but I still enjoy patterned tights in the winter.

I will keep my eye out for better pictures, of course. For those who want a blow-by-blow round-up, check out Lynn Sweet’s blog at the Chicago Sun-Times.

8 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Charms On ‘The View’

  1. I hear she is looking to revamp her image and hopes to change how she is perceived by the people of America.I’m glad she made it to The View. White woman everywhere can get a taste of the down to earth person that she is.BTW… I like the banner. I think its more you than anything else.

  2. I never realized how beautiful Michelle Obama was until I just scrolled past the picture posted on this particular thread.Very nice looking lady. And very natural looking, not all made up. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll become our nation’s first lady. A strong, confident beautiful black woman as …the nation’s first lady! I’d be on cloud nine.

  3. I didn’t think it was possible for my girl crush on Michelle to grow any bigger….but her appearance on the View has made it reach new heights.

  4. Hi Snob,I saw Cindy McCain when she co-hosted the view and they did not ask her one single question about her drug problem(s) or the accusations that she stole from her charity.However, the woman at The View have no problem questioning Michelle on all things controversial. I’m going to have to call this BLATANT racism. The White candidates wife gets a pass and Michelle answers a million questions.Monie

  5. She absolutely reigned over the panel with her “fabulosity” today!Boy, I am drinking the Obama-Aid by the gallon now, jack! As you often say, Snob; Michelle is the “Hawtness”

  6. My friend, Uppity Friend, who I’ve been begging to do a guest blog for me, was late to work back home just so she could see The View today. Somehow, I didn’t plug the date, I just happened to turn to it, almost didn’t this morning–of course I’m glad I did.Now, yes Whoopi’s comment about the toothless, gold-toothed women made me uncomfortable, but it was true and my Uppity Friend was quipping with me as we were walking into the Smithsonian Castle last week as she was out here in DC, that FINALLY, we have a quintecential black woman. FINALLY!There is now no excuse for what a black woman cannot do, nor cannot be. Let us remember, Michelle was/is quite sucessful on her own, a lawyer and on staff at the U of C Hospitals. Whoopi and Sherri by extension, made that point about her being a dark skinned “sista” quite apparent–something we don’t see often.Just like my other friend said last night as the whole nation saw this light bright, two shades from white young man standing next to Doc Rivers at the NBA Finals game; to which she concluded, Doc Rivers must have a white wife.If you think black folk are happy about Barack, we’re more happy about Michelle being a black woman running the White House.I wonder what kind of chef they’ll have? What’s gonna be on the menu selections…or to put it as a button sold at a Texas Republican State Convention said (per Average Bro’s blog) “If Obama is elected…will we still call it the White House?”

  7. If you think black folk are happy about Barack, we’re more happy about Michelle being a black woman running the White House.You speak the truth in so many ways. I admit that I drank Michelle’s Kool-Aid long before I gave up my doubts about Obama. It was Michelle that got me to give money to the campaign.It was Michelle that got me to go down and volunteer. I believe she’s terrific, and I believe a strong part of ‘The Community’ is far more protective of Michelle than we are of Barack. We just want to put that shield around her. Yes. With my light-skinded self, I absolutely LOVE, to the bottom of my soul, that she flunks the ‘Paper Bag Test’. I love that she’s chocolate, beautiful, smart-as-HELL, obviously loves her man, and KNOWS she is a presence when she walks into a room. I love it.I wonder what kind of chef they’ll have? What’s gonna be on the menu selectionsI’ve never told this story, but I’ll admit it here. I love HGTV. Love it. And, every year, I tape the White House Christmas Special. I kept the one from last Christmas for a long time…I imagined the one with Michelle Obama. That maybe they’d include Malia and Sasha in it. The White House just got a new Head Usher (guy in Charge behind the scenes.)He’s a Brother. I kept on imagining him, sometime after the November 2008 elections, a la that West Wing moment, introducing the White House staff to MRS. Obama. I almost wish they could tape that moment. I truly do.

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