The Lakers Chose to Lose In Boston, Tiger Woods Is Awesome and Other News At La Casa de Snob

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As I’ve stated before, I enjoy sports so yesterday was a pretty good sports day with Tiger Woods getting a birdy on the 18th hole to push the US Open at Torrey Pines to an 18 hole playoff today. I was loving the double fist pump and the look on golfer Rocco Mediate’s face when he realized he would have to play the best who’s ever played the game, again, on a golf course Tiger practically owns.

Then the Los Angeles Lakers, who have been out-played by the Boston Celtics this whole NBA Finals series managed to escape seeing the Celtics dance around and spill champagne on their home court.

It would have been really lame for them to get trounced and only win one measly game. But as you can tell from my headline I am not to optimistic about Los Angeles’ chances in Boston. For one, they don’t have an answer for Paul Pierce and two, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers figured out the key to stopping the Lakers early was to take out Rajon Rando at point. Kobe Bryant wasn’t even guarding him. That’s how big of a non-factor he was. And how can you have a point guard who’s a shy shooter? That’s mind-boggling. Take the shot, kiddo. You’re open! Did he even get minutes in the second half?

So unless Pau Gasol and the rest of the Laker supporting cast figure out how to play defense the whole game, not just the first quarter, I expect this all to be over come Tuesday. What’s funny is if the Celtics were playing any other west coast team I would be rooting for them.

I live for watching Utah get beat down. I’m indifferent towards San Antonio. The Phoenix Suns can just roll over and die. I don’t care about the Mavericks. The only other west coast time I half-ass care for is Golden State and that’s just because they’re insane. I like an insane shooting team that only knows one speed, fast, and lives and dies by fast. And I want to like the SuperSonics, but that’s only because of number two draft pick Kevin Durant.

I like the Celtics (for the first time ever), but I love the Lakers (even if Kobe can be an incredible jackass). But if they lose they Tuesday it’s because they deserved to lose. The Celtics are the better team.

In other news: I got a great response from readers for my mothers and daughters piece regarding a recent story I did on the strain between author Alice Walker and her daughter Rebecca. I’ll be running the story as a series of the next two weeks, featuring what each of the contributors wrote with some minor edits by myself. Most of the letters were written in such a beautiful and raw manner that I’d rather leave them unvarnished than muck it up with a lot of my prose.

Look for the series all this week and next!

5 thoughts on “The Lakers Chose to Lose In Boston, Tiger Woods Is Awesome and Other News At La Casa de Snob

  1. Snob,I try to watch golf sometimes. But the so-called announcers sometimes don’t do a good job of letting casual golf fans like me know what’s going on. I actually thought Tiger lost! If it had not been for me reading your post today I would not have known about the playoff thing.About the Lakers – Celtic series; I hate Kobe SO much that I’m doing something I never thought I would do, I’m rooting for a team from Boston! (lol)Go Celtics! (Oh my, that felt weird to type)Monie

  2. I’m fortunate to have a sports fanatic father to explain the shit I don’t understand, but yeah, the announcers are very “inside baseball.”Boston is getting incredibly greedy with the championships. They’re turning into Detroit. I was ecstatic when the NY Giants beat those cheatin’ ass Patriots, ruining their “perfect seasons.” That was so sweet. I will cherish that memory forever and I’m not even a Giants fan.And I don’t blame you for rooting against Kobe. As I said, dude can be an ass. But he’s my ass as long as he’s with the Lakers.Although, if Lakers guard Jordan Farmar keeps hitting threes and attacking the back boards I will offer to have his babies.

  3. Winning a championship at home is 10X sweeter than on the road, so I’m glad Kobe allowed his team one more game. Dang, I’m not even a hardcore Celts fan (from Philly), but it feels great to watch them school the Lakers. Also, KG and Ray Allen deserve rings more than anyone in the league.

  4. Mashonda is Swizz Beats ex-wife. Maybe she’s trying to come up. She recently suggested that Miss Keys was the reason she and Swizz broke up.

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