The Associated Press Totally Steals My Black Conservatives On Obama Story

Almost two months ago I wrote a lengthy series on black conservatives and Barack Obama’s candidacy. I wondered if the lure of a historic presidency would supersede their diverging political beliefs. If it would cause black politicos to put their differences aside and chose racial solidarity in the face of historic adversity over their hard-won, independent beliefs. Or would the desire to see a black president be so strong that it would out-weigh their own political ideologies?

For some it would. For some it wouldn’t. Views were all over the map. But now that Barack Obama has become the presumptive nominee someone at The Associated Press decided to slap together a brief article on what was my first major project, a two-week March-April monster marathon for myself and the many readers here and at DailyKos who liked the series.

If you are new to the site and have A LOT of time to kill, check out The Black Snob’sFriend Or Frienemies? Black Conservatives Weigh In on the Presidential Candidacy of Barack Obama.”

Here is the original line-up in chronological order:

Sunday: Amy Holmes
Monday: Condoleezza Rice
Tuesday: Ward Connerly
Wednesday: Shelby Steele
Thursday: Alan Keyes
Friday: JC Watts
Saturday: Colin Powell
Sunday: Armstrong Williams
Monday: Michael Steele
Tuesday: John McWhorter
Wednesday: LaShawn Barber and Herman Cain
Thursday: Star Parker and Eric Wallace
Friday: Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell
Saturday: Juan Williams
Sunday: A final analysis, “Who Would Clarence Thomas Vote For?”

Disclosure: I do not actually think the AP jacked my idea, but I thought it was funny that I wrote about this in March and now they were addressing it. I mean, they could have jacked it, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only person in the world who wondered about this phenomenon.

12 thoughts on “The Associated Press Totally Steals My Black Conservatives On Obama Story

  1. They stole it…totally. But, you know, the series you did was so extensive, and let’s be blunt, they just don’t think Black folk are that sophisticated and deep.

  2. I saw that! It smacked me in the face when I logged into my yahoo account! You know what this means, you’re ahead of the curve! You should do them a favor and send the link to your articles to Frederic J. Frommer, so that they can properly city you in the future. When I figure out how to do it, I’ll send it to him too. Everyone who enjoyed your series of articles should send them to him as well.

  3. I know! When I saw this in my Yahoo account last night I was like “LAME!” I mean, maybe they came up with the idea on their own, but still … LAME!What’s weird is just a few days ago I was talking with a friend about how I should send a link to the series to a few black and political magazines. At least since my series started in March 30th they’ll know that I beat the AP. The AP did not beat me.

  4. Kudos to you Snob, and this was an excellent series and I hope you are a few more..Michelle BernardBen CarsonLynn SwannJoe WatkinsKEN BLACKWELL (ohio)Men of the ClothCalvin ButtsT D Jakes

  5. Since I had a lot of time last night and couldn’t sleep, I decided to read the whole series after finding it in the black weblog awards. I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis and reasoning for each of the black conservatives. thanks for providing something interesting to read late at night

  6. can someone please tell me why there is always some weird looking Black male defending the Republican Party and the legacy of George Bush every time I watch the news shows and there is a pundit debate? Where did these Negroes come from and why do they feel it their duty to defend these horrible people. Have some of us no pride? Are they paid to say these things, do they really believe them or do they reach into a bag before the show and have to debate for the name they pull. I have never been so disgusted in these Black males in all my life. Can we get rid of them? I do believe that Ron Christies eyes would uncross if he was touched by the truth just once. Are they just jealous of President Obama? Again, can we get rid of them? Can we prove that they are not really Black but are wearing makeup mixed by Eddie Murphy’s make-up man?

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