Random Acts of Snobbiness

Howdy, readers!

Have I told you lately that you doth rock? Thine totally-eth doth. I’m averaging 1,100 hits a day now and I’ve had more than 70,000 visitors since January. I’m popping up in the press (two whole newspapers, Huffington Post and NPR’s News and Notes!) and it’s all because of you. I’m also in the works of getting on another blog regularly as a contributor — journalist and author Cintra Wilson’s Dregublog.

So I applaud you! Laissez les bons temps rouler! I’ll try to keep my quality consistent and check my subject-verb agreements and spelling ever-more carefully.


* The Black Snob is up for Best New Political Blog at BlackPoliticsontheWeb.com. You can click on this link or click on my vote button to support The Snob! Show me some love, readers!

* I’m still looking for more stories about black women and their mothers for my piece reflecting Alice and Rebecca Walker’s familial drama. I’ll be accepting stories of 500 words or less via e-mail. As I said earlier, no one’s real name will be used unless you request so. Share the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to discuss the unvarnished truth in this complex relationship.

* I have some ads now, but The Snob is still po’ as “Joe’s Turkey,” as Papa Snob often says. Thank you to everyone who has so far bought a mug or t-shirt or donated some cash to the PayPal Tip Jar. You’re my heroes. I’m working on some new items for my CafePress account (after I muster up the cash to pay for an upgrade), including apparel from The Secret Council of American Negroes and more Snob gear.

* Keep up with the comments and suggestions! The Snob Inbox is always open to you! I’m still tinkering with my masthead, so don’t be shocked it the purple one is replaced with something else in the coming days/weeks.


Yours truly in blackness,


Danielle aka “The Snob”

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Snobbiness

  1. I always like to hear about folk making progress. You are a prime example on that. Congratulations!!! I mean wow… You are doing it and stepping up and making moves and all that stuff.Holla!!!

  2. I would really, really, really, like to buy a BlackSnob t-shirt. My ideal design, the word BlackSnob on the front with the girl with the curly hair and glasses! And on the back a shameless plug, something witty about getting my daily dose from BlackSnob.com!

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