“Obama and Baby Mama Rhymes,” Sez FOX News!

Dear precious Lord. And to think we have at least five more months of this.

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Seems FOX News learned some hip new slang. While the “Terrorist Fist Jab,” loved by not just Barry and Michelle, but that noted Jihadist, NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, was completely alien to them, FOX is “hood” enough and has listened to enough Snoop Dogg to drop a reference to the unwed mothers of illegitimate children all across the land.

Only Michelle’s not an unwed mother and her kids totally have Barack’s last name. But take it from Donklephant who breaks it down ever so directly why this term is both inaccurate and offensive:

First, there are various definitions of “Baby Mama”, but they all basically boil down to a single, unmarried mom. Urban Dictionary has the definition as “the mother of your child(ren), whom you did not marry and with whom you are not currently involved.” So not only is the term offensive, it’s also completely inaccurate.

Second, nowhere in Fox’s segment did “outraged liberals” actually say this. No, this was just Fox News’ clever little way to say that Dems are warning conservative groups that they shouldn’t go after Michelle Obama.

And The Houston Chronicle’s Something Different blog was also perplexed by the dumbass nature of this particular bit 0′ slang:

The strange thing about the caption was that neither Malkin nor Kelly said those words during the interview. Apparently, someone in the production room decided to insert their personal opinion. I know Fox has an anti-Obama slant, as borne out by Sean Hannity’s continuous rant about the “radical” Barack Obama, but this is over the top.

Is this what we can expect from the “fair and balanced” network from now ‘til November? Since it’s only June, I shudder to think what words might crawl across the screen by then.

And how, Houston Chron. I don’t know what we’ll do if FOX producers start watching Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” or discovers Akon. And, please Jesus, don’t let them find those “Snaps” books from the mid-90s lest we have to endure poorly played “Yo Mama so fat” jokes until November

In other news: The folks at What About Our Daughters have launched their Michelle Obama Watch to keep an eye on tomfoolery like what I just discussed here. The Watch is apolitical. They mostly want document how the media, et al, treat La Femme Obama — good, bad and ugly. They’re also looking for contributors. I’m far too long-winded, but I’ll try to pass along tips. Click here for more info.

27 thoughts on ““Obama and Baby Mama Rhymes,” Sez FOX News!

  1. This is interesting. A Clintonista coworker of mine claims that Fux News hates Hillary and is biased to Obama. I told him about the Liz Trotta incident and he was baffled and he hadn’t even heard of it. Why does our country hate information? Just a thought.I wonder what he’d make of this and the “terrorist fist jab” reference. He’d probably ignore it.I guess certain ppl see only what they wanna see.

  2. anonymiss: Any person, ANYONE, who watches FOX News and thinks they like any Democrat is delusional. They hated Hillary AND Barack. Occasionally they would pretend to care about Hillary, but even that was suspect as they were fond of commenting on how bad her faced looked, how annoying her voice sounded and she and her husband murdered people and kept political prisoners in Arkansas.But anyone who can watch FOX and NOT notice Sean Hannity’s nightly “Obama Is A Radical Black Nationalist Christian Islomfacist Sympathizer Hour” and think that FOX is pro-Obama is most assuredly smoking the crack rock.Perhaps you should suggest to your boss to have your co-worker drug tested.Crack is WHACK, people. Crack kills!

  3. The Obama campaign also launched a site http://www.fightthesmears.com to fight back against all the smears and BS thrown at the Obamas. I love that you portray the Obamas in a positive light. I needed a site to balance all the “babymama” “terrorist” talk.

  4. Hi Snob,Look for Fox News to hire some has-been rapper as a Black vernacular translator. Can’t you just see Flava Flav doing a segment with Sean Hannity ‘translating’ what Michelle or Barack said that day for all the idiot rednecks that watch Fox.And on another note; has anyone else noticed that Microsoft’s spell-check still can’t detect that Barack is the correct spelling. Is Bill Gates a Republican? LolMonie

  5. I have to say this, but anonymiss is right. Fox news hates Hillary Clinton, just look at the former Clinton advisor they name Dick Mares. Through the years FOX news have made it their business to air every bit of Clinton Dirty Laundry. They always have representatives from both sides on every program. Honestly, I never understood why black people hate FOX news so much. I much rather watch Shephard Smith and Bill O’Reilly any day over those I barely graduated journalism school on most cable news channel. CNN is now doing a great job of putting up both sides of political views. Glenn Beck, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are excellent journalists. As a black woman I am happy to say I love hearing and reading both sides of an argument. Life isn’t black and white and neither is the news.

  6. And spell-check tries to make you insert OSAMA for Obama! Sounds like a Republican tactic to me! LolMonie

  7. Yes, I said it. I like Glen Beck. He does what a good journalist does, he lays down his facts to support his rhetoric. You may or may not agree with it, but it is his job to state his case for his position. That’s what all good writer and journalists learn. You can’t state your position on an argument without supporting facts. That’s why I can watch Fox News and CNN without looking for either to have a one-sided view on the topic at hand. That’s why I as a moderate can appreciate the great journalism and writing of the New York Times.Glen Beck never says anything without backing up his position. Last night, O’reilly said it was wrong for conservatives to attack Michelle and I agree.

  8. Have other media outlets highlighted this? What has the other bonafides reported of this reporting by Fox? This seems to be news in that it is not journalism but taunting by The supposed Fourth Estate. If the other networks are silence, then that there should be some proactive recourse in finding out if they could Schuster whomever did this at Fox.Still this does not rattle me. I am used to it. I know what racism is cloaked and vivid. Most of us have never seen it this lively because we have situated our lives to not get out of our places to produce this type of onslaught attacks. Do you really think Michelle Obama is unnerved by this or the campaign? This is spitball and most of us need to learn how to spit instead of whining about how wrong it is. Our family members went through the same overt racism and used it as motivation. Some of them used it as Visine and Windex to not get it twisted that “we have arrived”.I like that What About Our Daughters have conspired an apolitical media watch. I just think that needs to be explained as well in education so our own women will learn that everything in politicking does not have to do with politics but G.P.Fox is trying to bait their own with the Michelle’s scent. Don’t be scared! This is what we have been sheltered from and has made us soft. I say, “Bring It, Fox!”

  9. Miss Issues,”Glen Beck never says anything without backing up his position”That says it all; a journalist does not try to “back up” their position. A journalist reports the facts, period. Glenn Beck is a political commentator and not a journalist.He uses his TV and radio shows to states his opinions. You may agree with him but that does not make him a journalist. If it did then Bill O’Reilly and Rush ‘OxyContin’ Limbaugh would also have to be considered journalists; which they are obviously not.Christiane Amanpour is a journalist, Glenn Beck is not.Monie

  10. andrea: MSNBC and CNN will likely mention this as they are in a fast and furious competition with FOX for viewers and both networks (especially MSNBC) revel in anything that makes FOX look backwards or unprofessional. That’s part of the reason why the reporters who want to be taken seriously who work for FOX get really, really chippy because they get tired of being the butt of everyone’s joke.Per this latest incident, like you said, it should not surprise people. Bigoted sloppiness like this has been going around since there’s been a 24-hour news beast that must be fed.But I really do wonder where they will go with this as soooo many people are completely ignorant of black culture. I’m waiting for someone to start explaining a pressing comb on television in regards to Michelle’s hair. Or get into lengthy discussions of whether Barack should reject his fellow Chicagoan Kanye West for saying George Bush doesn’t care about black people.

  11. Glenn Beck his a journalist( his a social commentator) a type of a journalist. As I am a pop culture columnist, but still a journalist. A journalist is someone who disseminates current events, issues, and people. That what he does. He comments on them. As a journalist, I was always taught to back of my story with facts and research, i.e. support my position.

  12. Check your facts, Bill O’Reilly has a MA in Broadcast journalism. In the world of journalism they have achieve one of the highest positions in the field commentator or columnist. Rush Limbaugh also started as a broadcast journalist in sports.

  13. Anomymous, just because you don’t agree with their opinions does not make them a journalist. Journalists state their opinions all the time. Cynthia Tucker is a journalist, but a social commentator. News reporting in a segment of journalism where you’re not suppose to state your opinions, but present the facts.

  14. I never thought I’d agree with Michelle Malkin on anything, and I know nobody wants to hear this, but as long as Michelle Obama is stumping for Barack she is fair game. You’ve seen what they’ve done in past elections (Look at Hillary and White Water.) As long as the Obamas keep answering the attacks with the grace.and dignity they’vebeen doing, people will see this ,The Terrorist Fist Bump is a perfect example .And FOX News news just keeps proving how stupid they are. They are by no means a legitimate news agency.

  15. Miss Issues,”Check your facts, Bill O’Reilly has a MA in Broadcast journalism. In the world of journalism they have achieve one of the highest positions in the field commentator or columnist.Rush Limbaugh also started as a broadcast journalist in sports.”If a person has an advanced degree in nuclear physics but sells flowers on the side of the road, they obviously are not using the degree in their work.So Rush and Bill may have degrees in journalism or have actually worked as journalists at some point, but they are not currently journalists. And neither is Cynthia Tucker (who I agree with 90% of the time).There is a difference between being a journalist and a columnist/ opinion or op-ed writer.So maybe you should get your facts straight.Monie

  16. i’ve banned all things fox around these parts…when i moved back to boston, i discovered my mother watched fox for the local nightly news because it was at 10 and the news on other stations comes on at 11…that has been nipped in the bud thankyouverymuch…

  17. Monie, check your facts. Those are fields in journalism.I know my facts honey. Thanks why I went to school to become a journalist so I can one day become a columnists.

  18. For Monie:Topics in journalism Professional issues News • Reportage • Writing • Ethics • Objectivity • Values • Attribution • Defamation • Editorial independence • Education • Other topics Fields Arts • Business • Entertainment • Environment • Fashion • Politics • Science • Sports • Tech • Trade • Traffic • Weather Genres Advocacy journalismCitizen journalismCivic journalismCommunity journalismGonzo journalismInvestigative journalismLiterary journalismNarrative journalismNew JournalismOpinion journalismVisual journalismWatchdog journalism Social impact Fourth EstateFifth EstateFreedom of the pressInfotainmentMedia biasNews propagandaPublic relationsYellow journalism News media NewspapersMagazinesNews agenciesBroadcast journalismOnline journalismPhotojournalismAlternative mediaVlog Roles Journalist • Reporter • Editor • Columnist • Commentator • Photographer • News presenter • Meteorologist ——————————————————————————– This box: view • talk • edit

  19. monie, don’t ever become a lawyer because you can formulate and argument. You’re example was like saying a plastic surgery is not a doctor. There are fields of journalism like there fields of medicine. Sorry, it took so long for me to reply, but unlike you I am furthering my education because I don’t know everything and am willing to learn!!! Have bless day

  20. Kudos, The Black Snob…I got the link about this this morning and I see you’ve already have a post about it.I think it was a racist underhanded attack probably originated in the control room by someone doing CG’s. However, why would that person care? Fox has made racist, sexist and otherwise offensive remarks in the past and only had to “apologize”. Anyone over the age of 16 knows how empty an apology can be. There is no real punishment for saying anything offensive other than issuing a half-hearted apology and then going on to the next topic.I think this was an attempt by Fox to cast Michelle in a lesser (and inaccurate) light. They see a strong, educated, intelligent black woman who they can only tear down by associating her with a term synonomous with promiscuous black girl.

  21. Miss Issues,”Sorry, it took so long for me to reply, but unlike you I am furthering my education because I don’t know everything and am willing to learn!!!”Its okay, I understand that Public Libraries have limited hours. Maybe after you get your education you can afford your own pc. And regarding all that other crap that you spent an inordinate amount of time cutting and pasting; whatever. (Lol)I can see I’m wasting my time with a semi-illiterate who fantasizes about being a journalist, like Glenn Beck.So if you want to think that Glenn Beck is a journalist, so be it. I’ll be waiting for him to receive his Pulitzer Nomination. Talk to you again when your local Public Library is open again. (Lol)And you be blessed too (whatever the hell that means.)(Lol)Monie

  22. To Miss Issues,Anonymiss may have to check her facts, according to you. But, as a CURRENT journalism student, my advice to you is to tell you this: Use Spellcheck. Often.As with your blog, and your “various” postings, you have committed the cardinal sin of misspelling proper names, and passive writing. I would suggest not bringing up your “journalistic background’ until you do better.Good luck to you!

  23. Miss Issues,**ROFLMAO!!!**Dude, seriously!I just went back and re-read your entries:Where on Earth did you go to Journalism school????It looks like you need to take some basic college English courses, so you can learn some basic rules.Lawd! Hee Hee!

  24. Geez,Hoisted by my own petard!Here I am giving Miss Issues hell, and I also committed a fatal journalism error- wrong attribution.Monie, and not Anonymiss was who I meant when I commented on the musings of Miss Issues.So here is my official retraction.At least I recognized my mistakes!Deedlelee

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